EU Antitrust Regulators Probing Apple's iMessage Compliance with Digital Markets Act

EU antitrust regulators are examining Apple's iMessage messaging service to determine whether it should comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA), according to Reuters.

The DMA is fairly a new law that aims to promote competition and innovation in the digital market. It requires large tech companies, AKA "gatekeepers," to comply with a number of rules, such as allowing users to choose their default apps and making it easier for third-party app stores to compete with the App Store.

The investigation into iMessage was opened in September after Apple contested the EU's decision to designate iMessage as a core platform service under the DMA. Core platform services are subject to the strictest rules under the DMA.

Regulators are currently assessing the importance of iMessage to Apple's business and to EU users. They are also looking at how iMessage fits into Apple's overall ecosystem.

The investigation is expected to be completed within five months, which means that a decision could be made in the starting months of next year.

If Apple is forced to make iMessage comply with the DMA, the messaging service could be subject to new rules, such as allowing users to send and receive messages from users of other messaging services, such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

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