America and China’s Dominance of the Data Center Market Brings Record Breaking Revenue

Although China has not yet officially been given the title of global superpower, the East Asian nation has nevertheless managed to give the US a run for its money in several sectors. One of the many arenas in which these rivals are battling it out is in the data center market, and according to data provided by Statista Market Insights, no other country comes close to the revenues each nation generates.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that the US earned approximately $95.6 billion from its booming data center market in 2023 alone. China also gave an impressive showing, raking in an estimated $65.5 billion in the same period. However, some might say that China’s significantly larger population might skew the numbers to an extent, though this doesn’t change how rapidly China has progressed in this market in a short span of time.

Another contender in this race is Japan. Despite its relatively small population as compared to China, Japanese data centers brought $17.3 billion in revenue into the country. This is a steep drop from that of China and the US, but it is comparable to most other countries in the top ten list.

Germany, widely considered to be the largest industrial powerhouse in Europe, managed to earn $15.2 billion from its data center market. The UK was not far behind, with former EU member earning an estimated $14.1 billion from the data centers that its local industries have managed to produce.

After the UK, we see another meaningful drop, with no other nation crossing the $10 billion mark in annual data center revenues. France came in sixth with $9.3 billion, and the rapidly rising India managed to crack the seventh spot on this list with $7.4. Canada managed to get to eight place, with its data center market bringing in $7 billion despite how sparsely populated the northern nation is.

All in all, this data shows that the US and China have near complete domination of the data center market. Their combined revenues eclipse the income brought in by every other country on this list combined. As the US ramps up the trade war with China, all eyes will be on the data center market to see if anything changes in the future.

America and China’s Dominance of the Data Center Market Brings Record Breaking Revenue

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