Amazon and TikTok Are Keeping This Top Google Exec Up at Night

Google has been facing stiff competition from a number of tech corporations, but two of its most formidable rivals are TikTok and Amazon. While testifying in an anti-trust case brought on by the Justice Department, long time Google exec Prabhakar Raghavan, currently working as senior vice president of search, voiced concerns about the ecommerce juggernaut as well as newer apps like TikTok potentially replacing his once invincible employer in the near future.

Citing data that indicates TikTok receives four hours of dedicated usage per day, Raghavan went on to say that he doesn’t want Google becoming the next “roadkill”. Wryly calling his employer “Grandpa Google”, the top exec claimed that students might turn to the search engine for help with homework, but they’re using other platforms for practically everything else.

His comments were made in defense of Google, with the search juggernaut facing a lawsuit that alleges it pays over $10 billion each year to maintain its monopoly. It’s hard to deny that Google holds all the cards in terms of search engines, with few other competitors giving it anything to worry about. Bing has failed to make much headway, even after the inclusion of AI, and privacy oriented search engines like Duck Duck Go seem like passing fancies.

The crux of his argument was that Google isn’t the all powerful giant that many think it to be. This goes against statements made by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who claimed that Google has turned itself into a one stop shop for online search and hasn’t left any room for other platforms to get ahead.

While Google’s anti-competitive practices have long been the focus of criticism, Raghavan asserted that TikTok, Instagram and other apps like it are managing to put its market share in jeopardy. Gen Z users have already started turning to TikTok instead of Google, with the bite sized video content providing them with more satisfactory answers than the old school search engine could.

Raghavan himself mentioned tat 40% of young people go to TikTok or Instagram instead of Google when they are looking for a place to get lunch. He also mentioned that Amazon has started to whittle away at Google’s empire, along with admitting that Google has received billions from the ecommerce giant for prime ad placement on its Search Engine Results Page.

Google executive warns against losing to TikTok, citing its popularity among younger users.

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