AI Chatbot Outperforms Average Human in Creativity Test

In a surprising new study published in the journal Scientific Reports, it has been revealed that artificial intelligence models, specifically ChatGPT4, can excel in creative thinking, outperforming the average human in a classic creativity test. The research challenges the notion that creativity is an exclusively human trait, demonstrating that AI chatbots can produce creative outputs that often rival human achievements, though AI still can't defeat some of the most creative human.

The study utilized the Alternate Uses Task (AUT), a common creativity test, where participants, including AI chatbots and humans, were tasked with generating inventive uses for everyday objects. While AI chatbots consistently achieved higher semantic distance scores, indicating more original responses, the most creative human participants were still able to compete with the AI in producing imaginative ideas.

Simone Grassini, an associate professor at the University of Bergen, emphasized the need to recognize the coexistence of humans and AI machines in creative endeavors, envisioning AI chatbots aiding rather than substituting humans in their creative jobs.

ChatGPT4 emerged as the most creative among the AI chatbots when subjective ratings of creativity were considered. However, the study has its limitations, as it focused on only one type of creative behavior and the internal processes of chatbots remain enigmatic. The study underscores the evolving relationship between AI and human creativity in the modern job market, prompting discussions on how to integrate AI into human work effectively.

Photo: Unsplash/Growtika

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