Zoom Enters The Built-In Generative AI Assistant Game And Here’s How Users Can Benefit

The popular videoconferencing platform called Zoom is making its entry into the world of generative AI assistants.

The company just launched a blog post that spoke about the arrival of Zoom AI Companion, which was previously known as Zoom IQ.

Therefore, all the users that already hold subscriptions to such paid services will now attain access to features immediately.

After mapping to all of these challenges that are usually found on normal workdays, we’re seeing the company speak in detail about how users can get better equipped and make the most of this kind of intelligence to the best of their abilities. But the question on many people’s minds is linked to what this new companion is offering at this moment in time.

For starters, it’s going to assist with designing chats while helping users save time along the way. Similarly, it would assist with focusing on several different projects too. For instance, you might be bummed out about joining meetings late because you’re worried you missed out on the important details.

But you can always get a brief of what went on, thanks to a summary provided by this AI companion. In the same way, you’ll be given access to certain questions regarding meeting content and even if you don’t want a summary, you’ll always have the option to get one for future reference.

Important details worth a glance would be highlighted along the way too for ease.

The company says this is just the start and more expansion is coming soon in terms of its functionalities. Moreover, users would even be allowed to chat with assistants via questions about natural language. It would also be getting help on various tasks like meeting preps, brief summaries of chats, making emails, and getting the right documents in place.

In addition to that, this new AI assistant will help in filing tickets for greater support and even provide real-time details about what went on during a meeting. They would analyze calls and texts too. So what we’re going to be seeing is a more federate mode of working for AI models.

This will ensure the AI companion gets the best results including Zoom’s own language model, alongside the usual Llama 2 of Meta, and others. And thanks to such an offering, the app’s users can benefit greatly from no hassle linked to selecting the right model to get the best features.

But as we speak, training such models continues to be a very controversial affair. There’s a new outcry by the general public regarding this matter and with not only a day of the news going viral, people are more concerned about how the assistants would be trained and which data they would use.

This was a part of the company’s newly launched and updated terms of service which it says it would make use of the data belonging to those using the platform and no option would be provided to select an out option.

A recent blog post regarding this subject added how the company would be providing the greatest form of transparency related to the matter and they were committed to giving out clarity on such approaches. This includes how content gets shared and which AI features become a part of it.

These points were again repeated when more details surrounding this new AI assistant went viral. They added how no audio, chats, posts, or even videos belonging to users were getting shared for the sake of training the app’s model or any others belonging to third parties.

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