X's New Terms of Service Takes You From Tweets to Posts

X, formerly known as Twitter, is embarking on a new era with its modified terms of service (TOS), which will go into effect on September 29th. These changes are a substantial departure from the Twitter we've come to know, reflecting X's determination to rebrand itself and reinvent the underlying vocabulary of the platform.

1. The Demise of "Tweet" and the Rise of "Repost"

One of the most noticeable changes in the new terms of service is substituting the phrase "tweet" for "repost." This change represents an intentional shift in vocabulary, indicating the end of an era for the beloved word "tweet" on the X platform. Retweets, a key component of Twitter culture, are now recast as reposts, signaling a significant linguistic shift for the network.

2. Embracing the X Identity

X is not just changing its terminology but embracing an entirely new identity. The updated terms reflect a near-complete removal of the word "Twitter" in favor of "X." While the transition is comprehensive, some URLs still retain the "Twitter" reference, indicating a transitional phase. X's desire to fully adopt URLs featuring its new identity is evident, even though remnants of its former self remain.

3. Farewell to Periscope

Periscope, Twitter's once-popular live broadcasting program that was shut down in 2021, has been formally removed from X's terms. This elimination demonstrates X's dedication to simplifying its services and separating itself from legacy features that no longer serve its vision.

4. Legal Implications and User Data

X's amended conditions cover legal issues as well as user data collecting, in addition to branding modifications. Users must now forgo their ability to participate in class action lawsuits, indicating X's determination to handle conflicts differently. Furthermore, language about the unauthorized use of X's services has been revised to ban scraping without prior written approval expressly. This adjustment reflects X owner Elon Musk's adamant opposition to scrapping.

The previous terms permitted crawling of the services with adherence to robots.txt file provisions, while the new terms unequivocally state that any form of crawling or scraping without prior written consent is expressly prohibited.

5. Expanded Data Collection in the New Privacy Policy

On September 29th, X will introduce a new privacy policy in line with the modified terms of service. This policy indicates X's goal to broaden its data-gathering activities to include a broader range of user data, such as biometric data and work history.

These modifications mark a watershed moment in X's evolution as it strives to redefine its identity, legal framework, and data-gathering procedures. As users navigate the transition from "tweets" to "posts" and embrace X's new era, it remains to be seen how these shifts will shape the platform's future and relationship with its global user base.

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