X Social Media Launches Bookmarks, Content Restrictions, and Premium Features

In recent developments surrounding X, the social media platform owned by Elon Musk, several fundamental changes and experiments are taking place to enhance user experience and content moderation. These updates include an improved Bookmarks feature, increased transparency on account restrictions, and the introduction of new premium features.

Enhancing the Bookmarks Feature

X has been working hard to develop its Bookmarks function in order to increase user engagement. Elon Musk, the founder of X, believes in the feature's latent potential and is determined to make it more prominent in the app. X's most recent experiment is to move the Bookmark option from the share menu to the article itself. This modification is intended to make the process of saving posts for subsequent viewing easier. Users will quickly notice the Bookmark symbol on the right side of each post-in-stream, enabling for quick and easy post holds.

X has also added a Bookmark icon to the expanded post detail screen and introduced a Bookmark count on each post to highlight its significance. The emphasis on Bookmarks suggests a strategic move by X, possibly related to its expansion into video content and in-stream product listings. Users can expect these bookmark enhancements to roll out soon.

Transparency on Content Restrictions

X is experimenting with an innovative technique to increase openness about account limits associated with sensitive content regulations. When their content is restricted, users may quickly receive notices on their notices tab. These warnings will notify users if their content contains potentially sensitive media, such as gory, violent, or sexually explicit material. X allows acute press as long as it follows the platform's regulations. The letter goes on to explain how content breaches may result in reach restrictions for all posts.

Photo: Andrea Conway / X 

This approach essentially serves as an alert on potential shadowbans, addressing concerns among free speech advocates who feel their content is not reaching its intended audience. X's commitment to transparency aligns with its "Freedom of Speech, Not Reach" approach, which focuses on reach restrictions rather than content removals. While this move aims to keep users informed, it may also lead to disputes regarding content restrictions.

X Premium and "Verified Only" Replies

X is heavily advertising its X Premium subscription program, which provides paying users with exceptional benefits. The "Verified Only" reply restriction option is one of the new features in the works. This feature will limit post replies to verified individuals and those referenced explicitly in the post, driving more interactions among paying users. While all users can continue to quote posts, this change is intended to increase engagement among X Premium subscribers. X is testing a number of new Premium-only services, including video calls, polls, and Spaces. X Premium is now subscribed to by less than 0.5% of X users, causing the platform to investigate a more economical subscription option named "X Basic." Elon Musk believes that offering tiers of subscriptions is critical for combatting bot behavior on the network.

In conclusion, X is actively evolving its features and content moderation strategies to create a more engaging and transparent user experience. As the platform introduces premium features and expands its offerings, its approach to moderation and user engagement remains a subject of debate and development.

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