X (Formerly Twitter) Has A Misleading Ad Problem And Users Are Sending Warnings To Each Other About Them

Elon Musk has strived for months to help get Twitter, now X, revenue back into full swing. But now, it appears that the news is coming with some more striking information including how the app might be generating misleading ads.

X users have been noticing it for a while now and are now therefore resorting to sending out warnings regarding the matter to each other as a means to better curb the issue.

From scams related to video games to a flood of companies putting out false products and services, the list is plenty. And it’s gotten to a severe point that people are not willing to accept the behavior any longer.

Therefore, no one hesitates when it comes to putting out warnings so others don’t fall prey to the act and are well aware of what’s going on. We’re not saying it’s precisely intentional but it’s about time the admin members did something.

You’ll often see such placements arise with community notes that talk about the product in question. And they’re designed by those who are investors in the app, better known as the minority who are giving Elon Musk the chance to make more funds through such promotions.

Users are complaining in detail about how they’re clogging up the main feed on social media and the app is definitely doing everything in its power to take action. It has reportedly called out account holders involved in this fishy business as scam stores. Still, the junk content appears on the app and many are taking it up as a warning to let one another know that it’s not alright.

For now, it’s not clear how big of a share such ads dominate but one thing is for sure. Users have been left with no choice but to help one another before it’s too late. Why aren’t Community Notes that check posts doing their duty diligently? And if they do, what is wrong with the platform that it’s failing to notice the very obvious?

Seriously, there’s a lot of questions heading in Elon Musk’s direction and they’ve got to do something about it soon, considering how they cannot afford to lose more users for actions like these.

Some ads you may have seen pop up in other places like Facebook. So they’re old and have been in the business for a while now.

Elon Musk has been complaining about the platform losing advertising revenue for quite some now. This is ever since the billionaire took charge of the firm. Just recently, we saw his interview mention how two leading advertisers had quit relations with the firm, thanks to Community Notes.

But advertisers are telling a completely different tale. During the start of the month, the NCTA and other top companies linked to the world of pharmaceuticals spoke in detail about how they were left with no choice but to delete ads from the site.

They claim that the placement was very wrong, and it was right against posts designated as fascist in nature.

Musk is now also putting the drop in advertisers on something else. He says advertisers are falling like flies thanks to the Anti-Defamation League.

He feels the famous groups that represent users’ civil rights and are designed to fight against antisemitism could be another significant reason why revenue from ads continues to fall.

Therefore, he’s now sending threats to such firms about a lawsuit to better tackle the matter. For now, tech giant Twitter is yet to comment on the ordeal but it’s definitely a serious one worth a glance.

H/T: Vice

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