Windows 11 Loses Huge Market Share Of Clients In August 2023, New Data Shows

The latest report by Statcounter is shedding light on the progress of Windows 11 in August of 2023 and it’s clearly not what Microsoft or any software-providing company would ever have hoped for.

Statcounter, the popular firm that’s known for providing the latest in analytics for the past two decades, mentioned how the market share for Windows 11 has taken a major hit, falling down to a new low. This means it lost a major chunk of its clients and figures proved how it fell to levels seen five months back.

September will cause Windows 11 to turn two and software giant Microsoft already has plans to halt support for the new release. Therefore, if you happen to be on the 21H2 version, there’s a major chance that you can’t get away from taking on the forceful update.

The uninspiring results are definitely a setback for the firm when you compare it with the progress made with Windows 10. The market share here reached 71.9% and we even saw Windows 10 experience a bigger market share this past month by gaining close to +0.8 points. The update will turn two soon and today, it holds just 23.1% market share which is exactly a repeat from April and May of 2023.

It’s going to be super intriguing for experts to see how the latest 23H2 update will assist the system in getting back on track and gaining momentum.

Windows does promise some more exciting features in the update that it feels were much requested for like ungroupings of taskbars, revamped volume mixer, and upgrades in File Explorer too. So if you’re using Windows 10, you just might be persuaded to take the plunge and make an upgrade.

Other than that, we can never envision a new Windows 11 without the inclusion of enhanced AI features so that’s also expected to come very soon.

For now, the unsupported variants that include 7 and 8 have market shares that remain stagnant but they are still there and don’t seem to be going anywhere soon despite the lack of change.

The same goes for Windows XP which is still clinging on as shown by Statcounter’s latest findings. Can you even imagine how a decade has gone by since the company last ended its support for it but people still attain online access with their devices that are powered by Windows XP?

But remember, these are all findings obtained from third parties so there’s always that trust and reliability factor looming. Hence, we encourage readers to rely on the findings with a pinch of salt.

You can get more information by visiting the Statcounter website and witnessing the progress made in August of 2023. We will also keep you updated on that front, as more changes are rolled out and the company opts to unveil what features users can expect down the line.

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