Windows 11 Insiders Get Artsy with AI in Microsoft Paint

Have you ever imagined life without colors? Like the ones we used to see in old black-and-white movies? I kid you not; as a child, I used to think that past life was without colors, as shown in the film. What if I tell you that AI is slowly and gradually mingling into MS Paint? Attention, Windows 11 Insiders in the Canary and Dev Channels – get ready to unleash your inner artist with a touch of AI magic in Microsoft Paint. The latest addition to the Paint app, known as Cocreator, has arrived on the scene, and it's here to turn your wildest artistic dreams into reality.

The Artistic Revolution

Cocreator, powered by DALL-E's sorcery, is your new best buddy in the realm of digital art. This fascinating feature is tucked in the Paint app's menu bar, right under the gleaming new Cocreate section. But wait, not everyone gets to see this imaginative extravaganza from the front row. To join the party, you'll need to sign up for the waitlist using your Microsoft Account.

Prepare to be amazed after you've entered. Microsoft will send you an email with 50 credits to get you started on your image-creation adventures. But, hold on, what's the catch? Each time you conjure up a picture, you'll lose one of your valuable credits. The math is simple:
  • Describe your artistic vision in words
  • Pick a style
  • Watch the AI weave its magic
You'll be given three forms of your request, and you can basically snap to add your #1 to your Paint material. It's like having a personal AI artist at your beck and call.

Privacy and the Artistic Soul

You may be wondering about the negative side of this artistic venture - privacy and stolen artwork. Not to worry, Microsoft has pulled out all the stops to provide a safe and courteous creative environment. When you enter the embrace of Cocreator, content screening acts as a guardian angel, ensuring that no hazardous, disrespectful, or inappropriate images make it to your canvas.

For those with the gift of language flexibility, it's essential to understand that Cocreator is currently only proficient in English. It communicates in English within the borders of the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Italy, and Germany. The rest of the globe might want to brush up on their English or wait for the AI to learn a few other languages.

The Waiting Game

Now, if you're not part of the exclusive club of Windows 11 Insiders, when can you expect to join this artistic AI fiesta? Unfortunately, there's no official word on when this feature will make its way to the broader audience. Regularly, it requires half to a couple of months as Microsoft accumulates feedback and shines the experience to a sparkle.

But hold on, there's more! Paint's Cocreator is only one piece of the creative puzzle that Microsoft has been meticulously constructing for Windows 11. AI fans may be pleased to learn that features such as the AI-powered Copilot assistant have already begun to trickle out to users of the stable version of Windows 11. Not only that but a new layers tool in Paint and the ability to edit translucent images have been added to the artistic arsenal.

Finally, the inclusion of Cocreator in Microsoft Paint for Windows 11 Insiders is a step toward democratizing art production through AI. While the rest of the world waits for their time to plunge into the artistic abyss, Windows Insiders get a sneak peek at what's to come. So, whether you're a seasoned artist or just curious about the potential of AI, Cocreator is here to turn your imagination into digital masterpieces, one credit at a time.

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