WhatsApp Rolls Out Innovative Video Avatar Calling Option For Better User Privacy

The creativity never stops at WhatsApp as proven by the platform’s latest video avatar calling feature.

The unique and innovative rollout is a part of the recent beta for the Android update that was previously announced to be in the developmental phase. And now, we’re getting the chance to see the dynamic launch in beta.

The new rollout means saying hello to keeping users' identities masked at all times. So you’ll be in disguise in terms of your appearance with the latest avatar but will still be engaging in video calls.

As per WBI, the exciting new update is currently limited to beta testers but we’ll soon be seeing it roll out to the masses as unveiled today.

Through the latest endeavor, video callers can replace their looks with avatars, when and if necessary. Moreover, we can see how this adds an innovative and exciting touch, not to mention something that’s more personalized for your chats.

This just gets the conversation going in a new direction and makes interactions fun. After all, it’s never been done in the past. And if you’d like to see how it works when it rolls out, simply video call your friend or loved one and click on the avatar button seen across the calling screen.

If you’re sick of the disguise, feel free to switch to your normal self by pressing on the video mode. How’s that for some unique flexibility?

We can how the platform has really worked hard in terms of bettering the whole user experience with this method. After the user selects the avatar switch button, it’s going to mimic all the expressions and movements done by the user in real time. As you can imagine, it just includes a more realistic approach to ensure your chat isn’t overshadowed by the avatar itself.

Hence, it’s not dramatic but certainly very interesting. Before we forget, when you do opt-in for this new experience, you’ll be saying yes to privacy notices regarding how data is made use of to better the service and also how you remain safe at all times.

Just remember all the calls will continue to be protected with the end-to-end encryption feature. And that is true when you make use of this avatar mode for all video calls.

Hence, be prepared for something new in the world of video calls for WhatsApp as the beta test is now live, while a global release will take place in the next few weeks.

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