WhatsApp Introduces A Series Of Exciting Changes Including HD Media Support

WhatsApp is giving its users some more innovative features and we’re outlining the latest updates for you below.

A couple of weeks back, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced how it was in the process of launching HD image sharing and after that, it would enable the same for videos being sent across the platform too.

Today, the company claims the rollout is finally here for both HD images and videos. This would be up for grabs to all users around the world, starting today.

The company mentioned through an email as well as its own marketing video how the goal was to ensure users get the best moments through this new rollout that has been in the testing phase for the past couple of months.

And once you select any picture or video from your phone’s gallery, you can easily see the button for HD toward the screen’s top. After selecting this, a new menu pops up, and that prompts users to choose between the usual standard or HD version to send out their media.

Beta testers belonging to the platform have been taking advantage of this feature for quite some time now and it’s exciting to see how it’s finally getting launched today.

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In case you are not exactly getting the chance to see this feature in your app right now, be sure that your WhatsApp is updated and in case it is and you still don’t see it, be patient because it’s rolling out to all soon.

In the past, users were not too happy with the quality of the images as they were in a very compressed state. This made it hard to keep against the likes of Apple’s iMessage which was in a whole new league altogether.

Clearly, the launch of HD media support is part of a number of other meaningful updates that the company has been promising. The goal seems to be linked to becoming more competitive in today’s growing business landscape.

We just saw its parent firm launch a more native variant of its platform for macOS. This would provide support for video calls including eight members while the limit for audio calls was increased to 32. In the same way, more updates about screen sharing are similarly arising, while talks about group chats being allowed without names is another new rollout.

We also just the company to give users the chance to disable support provided for its instant video messaging initiative. It seems like the feature may not have been loved too much by many users and they were on the lookout for getting rid of it. Now, it appears that this is happening as you can disable it when you don’t want it.

The app says it was getting plenty of complaints regarding this matter including how people were not fond of the fact that the video message and audio message buttons were so close to one another. That made it confusing at times and irritating for others.

Now, we’re getting more news about how the video message button will be deemed as an optional service for those who aren’t keen on sending video messages through a simple click of a button.

As a default setting, users were given the chance to click on the microphone picture in the chat to switch. And that really had many sending videos instead of audio. So the company claims their latest stance on this front is to make it optional and you’ll see that in the app’s upcoming update soon.

This would arise in the form of a toggle-off feature for the endeavor and you can avail it by entering your chat settings on the platform.

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