The Upcoming Launch Of The iPhone 15 May See Apple Overtaking Samsung To Be The World’s Leading Smartphone

The anticipation and hype surrounding the iPhone 15 by Apple is one that cannot be denied. And as the Cupertino firm focuses on just that, a new report claims that the arrival of the new device is set to solidify Apple’s leading position as the world’s best smartphone.

This includes taking over Samsung, which would no longer be seen as a dream but a reality, as confirmed by the latest report by marketing intelligence firm TrendForce.

For those who might not be aware, Samsung has always taken the topmost position as the world’s best mobile brand. But now, things are seemingly challenging and it’s all thanks to Apple whose latest products are just a major force to reckon with.

But you can never deny how Samsung is hard to beat thanks to the major diversity of smartphones that it keeps on offering in the market. For instance, you’ve got budget devices and then you’ve got some of the best flagship models too. And they are all competing with top-of-the-range hotsellers like the iPhone Pro and the even more exclusive Pro Max variants.

On the other hand, we’ve got iPhone maker Apple really targeting the most premium buyers out there. Just the iPhone SE is offered in the middle-range category and it would be more than wrong to classify that as budget-friendly. Hence, it’s wrong to even come close to Samsung in this regard.

But as per the latest stats, Apple is getting closer and closer to overtaking the popular South Korean electronic giant and experts predict that 2023 is the year when we’re most likely going to see that happening.

It’s all dependent on the way the upcoming launch for Apple’s latest iPhone 15 goes and that’s going to really set the stage for a historic show, the report adds.

Today, Samsung is at the forefront of production where the company has managed to get close to 54 million units in the second quarter of 2023. But it did similarly go through a setback of 12.4% QoQ.

Then we’ve got other factors to consider like some major economic downturns and competition, as witnessed with reports from the firm’s performance report in Q2 of this year. When compared to the previous year, things aren’t exactly what many had imagined.

And while the tech giant is anticipating major success with the launch of its latest and innovative foldable designs in the third quarter, we might just see a slight effect that brings on the firm’s overall growth figures. This might be related to the lower sales figures when compared to is S series.

Moving on to tech giant Apple, the results for Q2 appear to be worse when you look at production and that’s because of the shift it’s taking from its old variants to newer renditions. The results for Q2 came out to be 42 million and that’s a whopping 21% fall from last quarter.

Still, it’s quite interesting to see how both companies are still competing, neck to neck in terms of yearly production. The question is if the iPhone 15 lineup will go beyond the expectations of the market or not. And if the former is true, we can see Samsung being overtaken by Apple as the world’s leader in the smartphone market.

These findings are all in line with the suggestions provided by the IDC in the past week. Remember, the iPhone may see new records in terms of worldwide market share figures too. We see shipments for iPhones hitting a 1.1% growth this year to get to the top 19.9% share. Moreover, iOS is still very resilient, experts claim, in terms of taking on major challenges. This is a weak point of Android, where the latter is expected to undergo a further 6% decline in 2023.

Meanwhile, the latest findings by TrendForce are also shedding light on the entire market for smartphones as a whole. And that’s linked to the production of smartphones around the globe witnessing the lowest shipment figures that have ever arisen in the past 10 years.

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