Pinterest Optimized: A look into its new personalised and recommendations tools

Creativity has driven humanity from bleak, mere nothingness to extraordinary inventions, discoveries and artistic self-creations to express the highest level of human emotion. However, seeking the flow state of being creative takes time and requires several years of dedication to perfect the craft of making something meaningful. But technological advancements have made life easy for us, both in the materialistic and creative sense.

Pinterest is one of the most interactive platforms that allows people to share images, ideas, information, recipes, DIY home decor and styles. The most considerable thing about Pinterest is that it is a platform to exchange ideas and gives people a creative push whenever they feel stuck on the creative path.

Recently, Pinterest has made its platform more interactive by initiating more recommendations and personalised tools. The tech engineers use AI to enhance their opportunity levels and overall user engagement.

This week, Pinterest gave an overview covering all the details spread over 158 presentation slides of its futuristic plan and how it will develop itself, along with principles that will be applied. The Pinterest meeting was held this week to celebrate the 2023 Investor Day.

The core principle that Pinterest will build itself upon will be a merge of 3 main core domains as the company will integrate search, social media and commerce to create a more visually discoverable platform.

Pinterest is now using a save and search helping tool to optimise its recommendation system further, massively increasing user activity and eventually bringing more investment opportunities.

Another massive change in the new approach is the cookie-less future, allowing brands to associate with fewer third-party data. Due to the cookie-less feature, the platform is now more focused on retail advertisement as it will generate more revenue.

According to the official statement by the Pinterest team, the utilisation of AI-driven optimisation will support the ads delivery funnel. Since 2022, the platform has increased its model size by 100x, fostering more interactive, engaging and relevant ads to the user.

The video content that Pinterest offers is also optimised, with 170% more video uploads each year. Furthermore, mobile deep linking that allows brands to redirect users to their websites has caused a 235% increase in conversion rates.

The user base of Pinterest is broadly spread over all demographical areas, with 45 million active monthly users globally. 79% of the 45 million users are international. The representative audience for the platform is 67% and 42% Gen Z. There are 2.4 times more saves by Gen Z than any other generation.

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