New Survey Says AI Implementation Sees A Surge In Investments With Positive Responses From Employees

A new survey rolled out by ABBY is speaking about the widespread implementation of AI technology and that continues to see a rise in terms of investments by top IT firms and associated executives.

The survey displayed how the increase was greater in regions like the US, France, the UK, and even Germany.

Moreover, the study took into consideration the budget as well as the returns on investments linked to AI implementation, and that saw some very positive replies being produced. Common examples worth mentioning included happiness from workers, innovation, as well as the value of the work carried out.

Clients would certainly have something to celebrate as more than 50% of leaders who took part in this study spoke about the benefits that the world of AI has brought forward for them. And that includes projects and offerings of better quality, alongside quicker delivery of goods to clients.

Meanwhile, more than one-third of them also spoke about how there was better customer service providence as well, where close to one-third of them had positive results in such a circumstance.

Such results of this survey are really going a long way in terms of unveiling the bigger and brighter future related to AI technology.

More investments are being taken advantage of in the AI domain including intelligent automation with middle to large-scale firms at the top of the list in terms of bigger budgets.

The report showed how 57% of executives did hope to gain at least two times the returns on the funds invested in this domain. And we saw how automation through AI produced such returns for nearly 47% of those participating in this study.

Most of these incredible results are linked to the advantages that arise with intelligent automation. And 52% of those surveyed added that better efficiency was the highest achievement for implementation, followed by better productivity.

It’s all a very interesting topic and one where those surveyed spoke about the biggest limitation or barrier being linked to the tendency to resort back to old-age methods of getting things done right. Moreover, 31% did speak of this reason and they didn’t understand why people were just so reluctant to go back to old ways when they could benefit greatly from newer and better technology.

Whatever the case may be, the future seems super bright with the adoption of AI technology as close to 90% of firms are making the most of it. And among those, 37% are already making plans to use it for the next 3 to 5 years without fail.

Remember, small-scale firms tend to keep client experience at the top of their list of priorities, alongside processes where sales are generated through automated means. This appears to be the right business model strategy adopted for this year to generate more revenue across the board.

It would also assist in lowering liabilities including the likes of rent as well as subscriptions for software systems.

But the process is a long one and certainly not easy to implement. This is reflected in the fact that small-scale firms are likely to only plan out business strategies involving AI for the next one to two years.

As a whole, this new study put one important thing in the spotlight and that’s linked to how firms of all scales witnessed close to an 80% rise. Most of it has to do with necessary automation and therefore AI.

For this reason, the world of AI continues to strike out as a highly competitive practice for today’s modern-day businesses.

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