New iPhone 15 Models Lack Key Silicon Chip That Apple Spent Billions And Years Creating

The iPhone 15 launch has taken place the device has certainly created a stir in the tech world. But did you know how all the variants of the latest model lack the much-anticipated silicon chip that tech giant Apple spent billions creating?

The news has really raised eyebrows because not only did the development cost a fortune, but it took so long too. Therefore, why is the chip missing in the first place, questioned a new report published by the Wall Street Journal today.

The article said that the whole purpose of racing against time and making use of all the resources available was to get on track and ensure its inclusion in the latest iPhone 15 lineup. Now, we’re hearing that it was certainly not an easy endeavor, not to mention how many obstacles came along the way during the production process.

The famous Wonderlust event for the new launch was carried out with absolute success last week. And it was definitely something that was super anticipated. However, the device and its latest lineup of features didn’t quite impress everyone, that’s for sure.

The Cupertino firm had envisioned the chip’s inclusion in a manner that would help reduce the great significance that its supplier firm Qualcomm had on the company, the media house added.

Close to four years back, we saw both tech giants roll out a licensed contract that caused a legal debate between both firms to end with great success.

Meanwhile, another report by the FT spoke of Qualcomm handing forward a deal that would result in the production of 5G modems for the iPhone maker and its devices to benefit from.

But Apple really did have its own plans of producing its own modems. The latter is the name reserved for technology that links the iPhone device to several wireless carriers. And that is just in time for the latest phones to be produced.

This was because a series of trials carried out in the past year proved how the chip in question was likely to overheat and cause damage, not to mention its slow speed, which was another major turnoff.

For now, we’re not seeing a lot of news on this front regarding why Apple chose to exclude the chips for iPhone 15 and its models, despite a lot of news speaking of this. But whatever the case may be, we’ll surely keep you updated with the latest on this front.

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