Instagram Could Soon Hide Your Like Activity From Others As App Begins Testing New Privacy Element

The thought of going Incognito and being as secretive as possible on social media apps is like a dream for some people. But Meta’s Instagram app might be getting one step closer as unveiled in its latest test.

The company is experimenting with the opportunity to roll out a new privacy feature that would end up hiding your like activity from other users. But obviously, the element would be optional so that means if you’d like to opt in, great, but if you don't, then you can carry on as per your usual practice of having your likes on display, so it's visible to all others.

The news comes to us thanks to avid social media expert and enthusiast Matt Navarra who shared the insights on his social media account.

He claims that several users of the app are now getting alerts about this ordeal through a pop-up. This would alert them about disguising all likes from anyone and everyone that they choose.

Moreover, the new feature would help in hiding all likes from those designated as non-followers and they can even limit your visibility to that restricted to close pals only. Similarly, they can opt to disguise any like activity, in case they don’t want anyone to know what’s going on in terms of your likes and interests.

As you can imagine, this is just a new kind of assurance for the platform’s users. And that just takes them one step closer to feeling comfortable while making use of the app. In the same manner, it would help in aligning with the stronger push directed for greater privacy on Instagram, similar to how WhatsApp has rolled out.

And such features are really trending in the Western market as noted by experts.

We are already seeing the X platform, formerly Twitter, make use of such means including greater privacy. If you pay a little extra on X and are a premium subscriber, you can disguise your checkmarks, if you want, alongside your likes on the app too.

This would assist users in getting that added source of comfort while they support a creator of their choice or liking. In this manner, people would feel safer while supporting someone that’s a little different from the norm, without any fear of another judging them for the act.

Moreover, the owner of X, Elon Musk, appears to have taken one step ahead of the rest by promising to pay bills in case anyone was treated in an unfair manner by the respective employer if they liked or posted content on the platform.

This seems to be better aligned with the concept linked to free speech that the tech billionaire has been a fan of since day one. Moreover, he feels such practices may give rise to hardcore chats on the app. And this is something we feel may be useful on the Instagram app too where some users might not be keen on others knowing who they interact with, engage with, and for what reason.

Hence, masking your activity on Instagram is now going to be as simple as can be, provided this platform rolls out this feature soon without making any major changes to it. And we can certainly see it as a rollout that would be getting a lot of great support because who wouldn’t want extra privacy for free, right?

Similarly, no one can ever question your activity if they never know about it in the first place. Therefore, they also cannot use this type of activity against you.

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