Google Is Adding A New Useful Feature That Helps Find Your And Others’ Lost Devices

There can be nothing more annoying in life than losing your phone or having to deal with the aftermath of such an incident.

It’s no wonder why tech giant Google has finally opted to find a solution to this ever-growing issue. Hence, the next time that you or your loved one loses their device, they can similarly resort to a new location-based setting endeavor that solves the matter instantly.

The news comes right before the company’s Find My Device rollout and more details were unveiled in the latest APK teardown by 9to5G. Moreover, the latest buzz is all about tech giants rolling out standard tracker alerts to really hint at where a particular lost device may be.

It could be phones, headphones, and even locator tags. Moreover, to ensure the best privacy, the firm added how the location would be encrypted and would make use of a PIN as well as a password for an Android Device that’s not visible to search engine giant Google.

Despite this, some users might express some reservations on the matter and would prefer to not have the location shared.

For that, the company says they're rolling out more settings that put out a choice of how any device that’s lost would be retrieved. For instance, you may choose to turn that off when you can’t find the device or if you fail to have the right kind of internet access. And that’s how the latest Find My Device Network functions.

An Android watch may put out the exact same locations when you happen to be online. So it can be found easily. Secondly, another option is clicking on Without Network. This is designed to save the final known location of any device before it goes missing.

Remember, no device actually participates in a network. But you may still locate these through recently stored settings when the user is online. Last but not least, we’re dealing with a network that’s set across those areas where there is high traffic only.

Hence, places where things are often lost such as a footpath on a busy street or a bustling airport is another example. Therefore, to locate lost things, only the location from the device is made use of if those surrounding the area can detect it too.

This means the data gets more anonymous as it’s grouped with plenty of others. Moreover, such an ordeal restricts the usefulness of this Find My Device but we feel it could turn out to be very useful as it ensures the best privacy out there today.

But wait, it does not end there. There is another great option called network in the areas and that means it’s operations in all settings. Moreover, one more notable difference is if you select such an option, the Android could report the missing item, no matter if the item is retrieved by another or not.

Hence, you can find the stored latest location or any network in those areas where there’s not a lot of traffic too.

To assist in locating lost things, location details from simply a single device are utilized if that’s the single one in the entire network that can detect it.

We’re going to hear some more details regarding this soon but for now, Google must be appreciated for going the extra mile and making the most of the new Find My Design rollout, right before its launch.

So let the waiting games begin but we’ll keep you updated further on this front soon.

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