Google CEO on SGE and the Evolution of Search

Sundar Pichai, Google's CEO, recently compared the move to the Search Generative Experience (SGE) to the transition from desktop to mobile and voiced confidence that it will not undermine Google's present economic model. While Google maintains confidence in the potential of the SGE experiment to send people to websites, it has been hesitant to provide precise data on AI-driven responses, click-through rates, or advertising effectiveness data on AI-based Search Engine Results Pages. This post looks into Pichai's SGE statements and opinions, focusing on the changing nature of search and its ramifications for users and marketers.

Google's Perspective on SGE:

Pichai underscored Google's dedication to connecting people with web content, as well as its thorough efforts to maintain a smooth user experience in an ever-changing landscape. He emphasized Google's commitment to its primary mission of assisting consumers to find relevant information online. Despite the incorporation of AI, Pichai stated that Google's essential ideals, such as disseminating important commercial information through advertisements, have not altered.

Ads vs. Organic Content:

Pichai clarified Google's approach by addressing concerns about the distinction between AI-generated responses and traditional links. He reiterated that Google intends to provide users with supporting websites alongside generative AI responses. This dedication to providing consumers with relevant material and responding to commercial requests remains a cornerstone of Google's approach.

Parallel to Past Transitions:

Pichai compared the present migration to SGE and Google's previous transformation from desktop to mobile-centric operations. He mentioned early testing findings, expressing confidence in Google's ability to successfully navigate this shift while adhering to its core beliefs.

Challenges and Adaptations:

The search community had expressed concerns about Google's featured snippets potentially diverting traffic away from websites. Pichai acknowledged these concerns and highlighted the addition of website links to SGE on August 30th, a response to pressure from search marketers and publishers.

Bing Comparison and Generative AI:

Pichai addressed comparisons with Bing, powered by ChatGPT, by comparing it to other voice assistants such as Google Alexa and Siri. He stressed Google's dedication to incorporating generative AI into search in a user-centric manner, implying that this strategy is critical for long-term success.

Antitrust Trial Mention:

In response to queries about the antitrust trial, Pichai offered limited commentary, primarily invoking "innovation."


Sundar Pichai's insights into the evolution of search and Google's approach to SGE demonstrate the company's dedication to its primary objective of assisting users in finding relevant information online. While the shift to SGE offers challenges and uncertainty, Google is confident in its capacity to adapt and retain its core beliefs. This evolution's ramifications transcend the digital realm, resonating with consumers, advertisers, and the broader tech industry.

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