Good News For X As CEO Confirms The Platform Is Flourishing And All Set To Attain Profits By Early Next Year

The CEO for X has made some positive announcements about the company including how it’s back on track and eyeing major profits by early next year.

Linda Yaccarino seemed very positive and optimistic about how the organization has really worked hard for so long to come to this point. And she gave all credit to the long list of reforms that came with the Twitter rebranding as X and the necessary job cuts as a major game changer for the company.

That does sound very promising when you look at things from a broader context. Remember, Twitter has really struggled in the past to attain any kind of profits during its 17-year-long history. But the right approach for cutting costs seems to finally be paying off to ensure the firm is on a stronger footing, as per Linda’s estimates.

The news was delivered by the competent CEO during California’s Code Conference that took place at the Vox Media studio this past week. Not only was she the chief guest but her arrival was seen by some people as one that was stand-offish and quite confrontational too. This is especially true when she put due effort into how well X performed and which engagement stats were delineated as proof of that.

Photo: The Code Conference 2023 / VoxMedia / YT

The point worth mentioning is how X is doing good despite not having the right kind of targets or data being outlined. And that’s when she was asked to shed light on another very controversial decision being made by Elon Musk which was to charge users of the platform a fee for using the X app.

Remember, that’s just speculation as the tech entrepreneur is yet to confirm whether or not it’s actually happening. So yes, Musk partially denied it but also said it might be needed if necessary. As expected, that news came with a lot of outcry from many individuals who threatened to leave the platform if such a change was implemented.

This change was announced by Musk during his interview that was held with the prime minister of Israel. He said the only reason why such a decision is being considered is because the X app is facing a lot of issues from bot armies. And the cost of those is much greater than having users pay a tiny amount to ward off the threat.

Again, no specific figure was outlined but the CTO of X did confirm it wouldn’t be big. Now the question is what might seem small to the billionaire is a big deal to others. But the end note is that Musk never said it would come into effect immediately or even at all.

Whatever the case may be, people are concerned. We’ve seen Musk pull out the paywall for blue subscribers of Twitter in the past and this seems to be a similar tactic that can come into play anytime soon.

Similarly, Musk admits that paid social media is only one that can be relied on in the future so the world needs to prepare for that. Whatever that means, the majority do not like the sound of that, especially when most agree that apps are always free and must stay like that.

For now, we’re just going to have to wait for a direct denial command from Musk on this topic which is yet to come forward. As expected, CEO Linda Yaccarino is yet to be 100% clear on her statements regarding this too.

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