Generative AI Isn’t So Bad, Claim American Artists In New Open Letter To Congress

We’ve been hearing all sorts of information about the impact that AI will have in the next few years. Many are fearing the worst, especially those sectors where the technology is all set to take center stage and revolutionize the industry.

And among those, artists happen to be included too. But if you think they’re feeling the pressure of doom, think again.

A group of artists from the US recently united and opted to send out a letter to the country’s Congress. This is where they argued in favor of generative AI and how it’s not as bad as some had imagined it to be.

What was more interesting was how the debate surrounded more about the creative community getting included in the discussion related to proper regulation of the technology and where it stands today.

The complete letter entailed a whole lot of signatories and the breakdown was that AI happens to be amongst us all for so long. It’s been utilized in the field of media and arts for years and you can better see this as a type of tool instead of a revolutionary innovation.

Therefore, anyone who opts in favor of making use of such tools needs consultation and guidance about the real know-how process and how it should be properly regulated.

It’s an innovation like that seen in the past and they’re putting the barrier down in terms of art production. Moreover, this used to be a career that was restricted to just financial means and the best social connections. That’s no longer the case and seeing it break norms thanks to the introduction of AI is wonderful.

But not everyone seems to be feeling the same way. People have a lot of reservations about how human artists keep on getting misrepresented. A lot of people assume that you add text prompts or just regurgitate any work that’s already in existence.

Others speak about deriding the methods and more that’s linked to stealing data and more. The fear is more linked to backlash if and when the tools are used, the letter sent to the Congress explained.

The artists then spoke about how they appreciate the hearings taking place that are linked to the regulation of generative AI technology. Moreover, such endeavors are really trying to bring artists into the clear understanding that all communities should benefit.

This might be the right time to better mold the creation of AI in a responsible manner. Moreover, there are some huge concerns on this front linked to human labor getting voiced in the best manner, which can’t be ignored.

So many companies and entities use such technology to exploit such artists and that can greatly impact their livelihood. But it’s interesting how the letter in question fails to address another leading matter of concern. That was linked to AI stealing the hard work of creators and not obtaining consent for the sake of attaining commercial gains.

Imagine not getting paid for work that really belongs to you. Clearly, this oversight is very strange, and a lot of is related to digital copyright claims and the licensing that goes side by side with it.

As it is, Congress is getting plenty of complaints about how people’s work is simply being stolen and sold off to someone else without any acknowledgment, financial returns, or recognition. And consent is a whole different matter, to begin with.

Right now, we’re only at the start of reaching the era where we’re being influenced by AI. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done. And that opens up more arguments linked to collaboration across the board and even disagreements.

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