Explore the X's New Privacy Policy of Your Biometric Data

Hold onto your hats, folks! X, the social media platform that used to be called Twitter, is back with a brand new privacy policy that's turning some heads. Starting on September 29th, they will ask you for something extra when you log in – your biometric data. Yes, you read that right: the digital age is getting personal.

I understand what you're thinking: "What in the world do they need my biometric information for?" Well, X's new policy doesn't exactly give that information away. There is only a brief statement that they need information for "safety, security, and identification purposes." Who knows, maybe they're organizing a virtual masquerade ball.

Elon Musk, the multibillionaire creator of X, verified this modification and revealed yet another shocking development: the platform will soon include video and voice communications. What's best? No need to have a phone number anymore! To become the "effective global address book," X will soon allow you to place calls without disclosing your phone number. Therefore, stop making excuses if you've been avoiding that one strange aunt's calls.

But wait, there's more! X is getting nosy in your job and school history. They're going to start snooping around your employment and educational background. Did you have an impressive job history? Are you curious about the skills that thrive in the digital world? X is here to provide you with the answers. They will use this valuable information to recommend suitable job opportunities, connect you with potential employers, and ensure your browsing experience remains engaging by displaying relevant advertisements. Get ready to discover the skills that can propel your digital career forward!

Now, you might be wondering why there is so much spying. Well, one of the things to do is to combat the army of bots and bogus accounts that keep appearing. Elon Musk made a commitment to purge, but it's proven difficult. So maybe the secret weapon against those bothersome bots will be your biometric information. Imagine a bot attempting to access your biometrically secured digital fortress. Mr. Bot, not today!

So there you go, everyone. X's new privacy policy aims to get to know your biometrics and discover your educational background and employment history. How could social media be so intimate? Remember that Big Brother might watch your fingerprint the next time you check-in. Take selfies and check out your first job at the lemonade stand.

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