Can Elon Musk Actually Put The X App Behind A Paywall Or Not? This New Report Outlines The Different Possibilities

The news of Elon Musk putting the X platform behind a paywall is really taking center stage. But the question is whether or not the tech billionaire is actually going to take the plunge and make a lot of people unhappy?

We saw the news breakout this week when the world’s richest person revealed through a live stream interview with Israel’s PM how the company was struggling to combat the growing figure of bots.

Therefore, as a solution, he feels that the time has come to charge users a small monthly fee. But people were not happy as the news sparked outrage for obvious reasons.

For years, Twitter has been historically free of cost. And now to see this has people raising eyebrows.

But Musk did mention how he was only going to charge a small fee so that everyone could benefit. However, users were not convinced. They felt there could be possibly better solutions to this issue.

Musk says that users spending a few dollars could really outweigh the negative effects of a bot and this seems to be the right way to go about the situation. But again, this thought is very new and still in discussion.

No final outcome has been discussed and neither has Musk highlighted the figure so far that would be charged as a monthly fee. Moreover, we saw Musk adding how X would soon be rolling out cheaper variants of the Premium Subscription.

In combination, so many people have taken such remarks as Elon Musk highlighted and they indicate new subscriptions that push the app in the right direction. This would be seeing so many users pay huge amounts if they wish to continue using it.

This is not what Elon Musk had mentioned but we did see him hint at it.

In the month of March, we saw Elon Musk reveal how the only way forward in the future is social media that’s paid and that would be the only one that really matters. Moreover, this was again in regard to a discussion related to bots and Elon Musk held the opinion that Generative AI made it simpler for both scammers as well as hackers to produce bot armies.

Before that, in the month of February, Elon Musk put out remarks regarding how such an ordeal was unavoidable and how all social media apps would move on to app offerings. Then in the past year, we saw Elon Musk take complete ownership of this platform. He also reported how Musk spoke internally about making the app not free completely.

Even before that, Elon Musk mentioned how such ordeals were unavoidable and how all apps were moving toward subscription offerings and he is no exception. He also felt that one plan would be great for all and it would allow people to use the app for a short period of time every month.

So yes, we are maybe paying too much heed to what’s taking place this week in terms of Musk’s sayings. Perhaps it won’t ever happen or maybe it will and that too at a price tag that people aren’t yet ready for.

Now the question is if this is really realistic, people are opposing big time. A poll carried out by SMT on LinkedIn showed that 96% of the majority wouldn’t pay money to use this platform.

Did we mention how the X app just rolled out a new pilot platform that was in collaboration with forensic intelligence? This means we’ll see X outsource a great degree of manual work surrounding the ID confirmation for third parties.

This would ensure X implements a great sense of identification to the system. Hence, we sense a low-cost verification coming through by this means. So yes, the options are plenty.

Another point worth pondering is how X will really need to do a lot of convincing because new polls suggest total opposition. Even cheap verification plans aren’t going to cut it this time. So unless or until it’s really worth it, people are surely going to leave.

Would you be more likely to use X if it were subscription-only?

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