Best Countries Around The Globe: Which Nations Reign Supreme In The World’s Rankings?

If you thought ranking the best nation in categories ranging between the best and the worst was hard, well, we’ve got some great news for you.

The latest world rankings of the best countries are out, thanks to the latest survey by the US News and World Report and we thought it would be interesting to share the figures with our readers below.

The report was first issued in 2016 and the trend has continued each year, ever since 2016, with this year being no exception. Furthermore, the latest edition that was rolled out in 2023 proved how the US fell back one position and now currently stands at number 5.

Meanwhile, when you see all 8 editions of this report, you’ll see how the American nation ranked lower in the past 3 to 6 years than what it does right now. And the reason might be linked to how people were never fond of Donald Trump and his administration whose decisions didn’t sit well with plenty.

On average, when you compare the scores, the US shares the 7th ranking with Australia. But last year, it was number four as people saw it gaining big time on improved quality of life as well as enhanced social purpose. Moreover, there were greater chances for business and brand development. And the numbers were greater than what was seen in the past.

But it may have improved this year in terms of entrepreneurship and walking past the likes of booming industrial nations like Germany and Japan, there’s a huge fall in the section dubbed open for business. And that assisted in its declined rankings for this year.

Another country that didn’t do too well is Germany where respondents felt it lacked in terms of being more progressive and modern. Not a lot of people also felt that they would be inclined to move to the German nation than what was seen in the past few years.

Looking at Japan, the country is certainly struggling in terms of social purpose and its willingness to establish better business relationships with others. When you look at the UK, it again fell when it made the bold decision to exit the EU and it still appears to be suffering from as it still loses ground.

The rankings of the eight top countries remained usually the same, with minor differences including New Zealand’s entry first in position 7 and then 8.

H/T: Statista
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