Approximately 47% of Americans Anticipate AI in Search Engines Within The Next Five Years Over Other Technological Advancements

The way Americans view the technology sector is undergoing a quick transformation, which was previously the driving force of the country’s innovation. People are concerned about its aims and influence on society, with many demanding transparency and more scrutiny of the government.

The tracker designed by Morning Consult reveals the patterns in the realm of technology after collecting data from American adults using a monthly survey. They asked those adults about their beliefs on the status of technology’s peak, whether it is ahead of us or long behind in the past.

50% of the respondents claimed that the best days are yet ahead of us. However, 31% of them stated that they were not sure, and 17% believed that those days were long gone in the past, claiming that tech is no longer performing at its peak.

However, the detailed survey conducted by Morning Consult on American adults, they were asked about their interest in several upcoming anticipated technological advancements within the next five years. A whopping 47% of the respondents claimed that they were most excited about search engines incorporating AI over other technologies, such as AI in healthcare, delivering packages using drones, and AI in the work and education sector.

42% of the respondents revealed their interest in leaning on AI in all internet-connected home devices, package delivery by drones, and vehicles with self-driving technology.

The upcoming technology that the respondents showed their least interest in was subdermal health and fitness trackers, scoring just 33%. 41% of the respondents showed interest in the concept of AI in healthcare, 40% were interested in virtual reality and AI incorporated into the workplace and education, and 38% showed their favor in cashierless stores and autonomous vehicles.

37% of the respondents gravitated towards anticipating augmented reality, robots delivering food, the widespread incorporation of the metaverse, and clothing with embedded fitness and health tracking. Finally, 36% of those surveyed claimed they would prefer to see AI in art and design.

Results of more surveys revealed a decline from September 2022 to July 2023 in the extent of American adults favoring the tech industry. When 68% of adults tended to favor electronic companies in late 2022, the percentage dropped to 61% in July 2023. The same decline was noted, with 66% preferring search engine companies in September 2022, but 59% did in July 2023.

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