YouTube Becomes Latest App To Include More Elements For Music Discovery Through Its New ‘Samples’ Feature

YouTube Music is working hard to try and put itself out there as the latest app that’s exploring innovative options to discover new tunes.

The news comes as more and more platforms in the world of social media race ahead of time and overtake radio, which was once considered the reliable way to find tracks of your choice.

YouTube Music is also in the race for ways through which it can integrate more means to find good music in UI. And the app is doing that through the launch of its latest rollout called Samples which is designed to give users a taste of the best tunes and artists out there.

This would be done through tiny snippets of all music that’s new and trending and totally in accordance with the listening habits of others out there.

This tab for Samples makes use of short-form videos as a means for discovering music directly through a feed that features some short clips, including the most popular tracks that best suit users’ interests.

The company was seen publishing a statement on the matter that includes how it was going to be backed up through a large list of videos pertaining to music tracks that were personalized. This way, there is something that’s new and happening that people can be attracted to. No matter whether it’s a new release or something that the masses need, every clip provides the right insights into the singer, their music, and their videos.

Therefore, you no longer need to put reliance on the newest trends on TikTok to realize what’s the biggest hit. But remember that Samples is mostly focused on just music while users can swipe if and when they want to see the newest hits arising from a particular niche online.

If you happened to stumble across a song that you adore, you can include that into your collection, share that, and then do that with loved ones. Another option is to watch the whole clip, as a part of the stream.

It’s one of the best ways to make use of the format that TikTok is famous for in terms of exploring new music. And the fact that a lot of people are accustomed to searching for new tracks in this manner, it makes sense why all of this is taking place.

So if you actually come to think of it, it’s TikTok but only restricted to the world of music. And that does make so much sense. Today, more singers and their record labels are producing music that’s in line with the current trend of short videos. And that’s a way they feel they can attain more success.

Since YouTube has its own Shorts to benefit from, it’s not going to be including such a venture. But it makes sense as to why YouTube Music is thinking of such a rollout in the first place.

The feature is getting launched for YouTube Music fans starting today.

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