YouTube Announces Exciting Updates For Creators And Here’s What You Can Expect

The popular video-sharing platform is making several changes after hearing from creators. And we’ve listed down all of the highlights for you below.

For starters, the app is rolling out a new tab on the View Analytics Button. This is to determine when and if any videos are attracted from the viewers' end. And that would assist in making the whole data analysis experience a much more fulfilling one.

Simply right-click on the button labeled analytics on the YouTube studio to open a new tab in advanced mode. This would allow users to access analytics for multiple pieces of content in one given attempt.

As a creator, it’s necessary to understand which forms of content are attracting the most people and this would provide users with the data they need to make informed decisions about their content strategy.

The company is similarly launching a new level of the YouTube Partner Program. This comes with a much lower threshold for creator eligibility. Hence, the chances of attaining success are going to double-fold, thanks to the company’s recently announced changes.

This would be for creators located in the US, UK, Canada, Thailand, Taiwan, and South Korea. The company says this new update is applicable to all the regions outlined above so if you’re a creation in these regions, you can begin now.

Meanwhile, YouTube also highlighted how it’s got major plans to expand to at least 33 more regions starting August 29. And if you’d like to check your eligibility, simply click on the criteria published on the YouTube studio. You can access it through your mobile as well as your desktop to learn more on this front.

When eligible, you will see a button for Apply Now. And even in cases when you might be inside a country where the criteria are too stringent or you’re not making the criteria completely, you can still apply and you’ll get an alert about this, whenever you become eligible.

This lower criteria for eligibility will give creators early access to some great features that are funded by fans like Super Chat, Super Thanks, Super Stickers, and Channel Memberships.

Whenever a creator’s channel attains the 500 subscriber mark, has three uploads in the past three months, has no community strikes, and meets other points outlined in the criteria. And if you really do well in this, you can unlock some more additional benefits like revenue sharing from ads.

Last but not least, the company mentioned today how it has plans to better the viewer experience and that means how a creator connects with their audience in the best of ways,

This includes an innovative feature that puts thumbnails belonging to members’ videos only that are available for every price level. This would put the exclusive highlights and perks relating to each video up for display so viewers can see.

It could include bonus content, behind-the-scenes, or content that can be accessed early. This way, the audience is aware of what they can benefit from when they support you.

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