X Users Can Celebrate As Elon Musk Announces More Revenue Opportunities For Creators With Subscriptions

The rebranding of Twitter to X had a lot of people skeptical of what other drastic changes the app would bring forward. But after today’s announcement, most users would agree that it’s not so bad after all.

The CTO for X, Elon Musk revealed how his platform would now be giving creators with subscriptions the chance to create more money. And that includes X taking less of a share from the revenue generated through subscriptions with time. This also includes them giving the creators their share back.

Musk’s post that was published recently spoke about how X had previously mentioned that it would not be keeping any profits made by creators for one year. Later, it went to 10% and as expected, people were not happy. After that, the policy is now getting changed again and X vows to keep nothing, until and unless the creator’s payments go beyond the $100,000 mark, and even then, it would be just 10%, he added. Still, for everyone, the initial year will remain as free for all the users of the app.

This new limit highlighted would be up for grabs soon and if you do make more than $100k after your first year, then X gets just 10%. This rollout of Creator Subscriptions that X re-launched in the month of April this year gives all users 500 people the chance to activate the subscription feature on the app that’s paid. The other criteria include putting out 25 posts in the last month and being over the minimal age of 18.

So if you happen to tick all the boxes for creator eligibility, then what are you waiting for? It’s great news and will serve as a great option so that you can enjoy X and gain more profits while X takes a smaller revenue share. Moreover, experts do feel this is Musk's way of providing more incentives to users on the platform so they can make the most of the paid subscriptions.

But that does not mean both tech giants Apple and Google would be receiving a smaller revenue share from X for the app being on mobile phones. That would remain the same but Elon Musk does not love the news and would try to sit down with Apple’s CEO and find a better way out as he still feels it’s not fair.

However, don’t expect the chat to go in the world’s richest person’s favor as Apple never was willing to give Meta any form of a concession regarding its own creator rewards program despite the company arguing that it would be of great benefit to those without jobs after the pandemic.

Again, there’s no harm in trying. Who knows, the tech entrepreneur might have more luck on his side on that particular day and the duo do have some great relations that might get a better deal.

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