WhatsApp Tests New Features Including Pending Groups For Communities And Enhancements To Calls

WhatsApp is working on bringing some more exciting changes for users as a part of its latest Android update. And we’ve jotted down the newest developments for you below.

For starters, the platform was seen recently speaking about an innovative rollout for communities called Pending Groups. This is designed to set out recommendations for new groups that can be added to communities. Moreover, it provides a great chance to further strengthen the community with members that have common interests with each other.

While the feature was mentioned previously, it’s now clear that it’s no longer under development and is now ready to be released as a part of the beta. So if you’re a part of the lucky few who do take part in the app’s beta tests, then you should be able to see this as a part of the latest update through Google’s Play Store.

Screengrabs taken of the ordeal entail a unique section that’s designated for the community’s administrator. This would feature groups that are recommended by the community’s participants and would be listed down for their ease too.

If anyone wants to place a suggestion, they just need to have the screens opened up and it would feature all the groups and would include some more groups having a designated button for the action to be completed. But before any group can be included, they’d be required to attain approval through admin members at the start.

We can see how such a new addition is designed to assist the administrators in further bettering the groups as members are allowed to sit down and pour in suggestions. And once the suggestion attains approval, you’ll see it getting added instantly.

We also think it’s great at expanding communities but remember that all members would be provided with the chance and choice to see if the community groups enlisted is something they want to be a part of or not as it’s not automated.

The feature is currently in beta but it’s expected to be expanded to the masses in a few weeks’ time.

On the other hand, the app is working at bringing more enhancements to its calling feature. The news comes after the launch of a feature where users were allowed to schedule calls for respective groups.

Hence, this seems to be the latest tool for assisting the process of transitioning toward group calls. And more updates hint at enhanced changes in the user caller interface.

Screenshots linked to this matter show the bottom view featuring tabs for call types while putting encryption for calls as a highlight. But wait, there’s more. A new button would enable users to include several contacts in the call they’re engaged in at that moment in time. So if you want to add a new member or several members, you can.

In the past, such a feature was not up for grabs and there was no button that put such an offering into display.

But now, the feature of adding new members to calls instantly is definitely being appreciated as a welcoming and new transition for calls. After all, it’s going to save time and provide more options, despite calls getting initiated by one person only.

In the past, we saw people interrupting active calls and starting new ones with more contacts. And we feel such entry points would give rise to group chats on the app as it’s going to be more in focus as compared to the past.

We’ll be seeing a mass launch of the feature for users in the next few days so stay tuned!

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