WhatsApp Is Rolling Out The Ability To Make And Share AI Stickers

The latest update for WhatsApp is bringing something exciting for users regarding AI technology. And that entails the ability to create and share AI stickers through the platform.

The innovative feature is currently going to be restricted to a few lucky beta testers but if things go as planned, we should be seeing it roll out to the masses very soon. To be exact, WhatsApp hopes to target the change in the next few weeks.

The news comes a few days after we saw the company launch another very exciting offer where users could add multiple accounts on a single device, which was never done before. But it was a change that was welcomed with open arms for obvious reasons.

As far as the creation of AI stickers is concerned, it starts for beta testers today.

The new feature would entail a button called Create that’s up for grabs on the Stickers feature. Here is how users can provide descriptions to produce stickers. And the app would set out a range of diverse AI stickers which would be produced via a description that was added in the past. After that, the user would be allowed to share the sticker in their chats.

Most stickers would be produced through this secure technology and the user would always be in the driver’s seat in regards to which stickers are made through AI.

If a scenario arises where a particular sticker seems unfit for use or is too dangerous, users will be given the chance to report them to Meta. Furthermore, this feature is an optional one and all stickers would be recognized with ease. So in case you’re wondering, any recipient would be able to recognize which sticker was made using AI technology.

We feel such an option puts out a leading number of advantages for the user. Through the addition of descriptions for sticker generation, anyone can produce a sticker that’s deemed to be personalized and as per their specific interests and journeys.

Such an endeavor can do wonders in terms of bettering the complete texting experience while making a chat super engaging. Moreover, you do not even require any type of high-level skills or design experience or even some sort of access to any other type of tool. All you need to do is add a description that would promote the production of stickers via the few selected terms added.

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