WhatsApp Beta Features For Android Version - What the Latest Update Offers

Google Play Beta Program is offering a brand new WhatsApp update, upgrading the version to In the new upgraded version, WhatsApp introduces a new feature called voice chats, allowing users to communicate in groups. The feature is only accessible to a few selected beta testers.

After developing audio chats, a new feature, WhatsApp has decided to distribute this new one amongst a few users so that they can test it out themselves.

This new feature provides users with a novel way to start voice calls. Audio chats, or as WhatsApp calls it, voice chat, has impressive features that the new version has let us know about.

WhatsApp added a new waveform icon that will indicate the user's voice, which they can only view in a group chat, given that the account has this feature authorized and that it is in sync with the specific group. The voice chat immediately starts upon tapping the icon, opening up an exclusive interface.

Group chat members can easily join the voice chat whenever they want to begin communicating. The voice chat ends after an hour of inactivity if nobody in the group interacts with it.

However, users can initiate another voice chat whenever they want.

Voice chats are only available to specific group chats. The feature only allows a total limit of 32 members to join each voice chat. However, the feature will be accessible to group chats with more than 32 participants.

However, it is important to take note of the fact that this setup might differ based on individual user preferences or settings.

The biggest advantage that the new feature offers users is that they can now easily start a call without sending each group member a ringing notification. However, whenever a user starts a new voice chat, WhatsApp will send each group member a silent background notification, altering them that the voice chat is active. Within the chat list, the group icon will showcase a tiny thumbnail indicating an enabled voice chat.

The great news is that end-to-end encryption also protects voice chats, guaranteeing users with an added layer of security that it will just be the members in the voice chat who can hear and be a part of the communication. Not even WhatsApp can hear what each voice chat contains.

The feature is strictly accessible to a few members who have installed WhatsApp beta from the Google Play Store for Android Updates. However, in the upcoming days, the feature will be available after distributing it to many users. Furthermore, as this may become a wider release, users of the stable version of WhatsApp may also be able to test out the new feature once it’s out.

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