TikTok Threatens To Remove AI Content That Hasn’t Been Disclosed By Users While Re-Adding Its 10-Minute Video Recording Option

The famous social media platform TikTok has vowed to make a series of changes that are rolling out as early as today for users.

For starters, the company is launching exclusive AI-generated content labels. These are designed to help outline which content has been produced using AI and which has not. And in case you did not know, the app says it now has a zero-tolerance policy for those who fail to delineate posts that are generated using AI technology.

If found guilty of not disclosing the truth, such posts would be taken down from the platform. And many feel that this change was a long time coming as it was hard to delineate real human content from that produced through AI models.

This news was first unveiled by social media expert and enthusiast Matt Navarra on his X account status today.

The whole purpose appears to be giving users the chance to differentiate fact from fiction which is difficult in today’s day and age. And with generative AI already stealing the spotlight in so sectors of the tech world, it was likely that more social media firms would soon be following in TikTok’s footsteps.

Another change that is being spoken about right now is linked to the app re-adding one of its beloved features related to video recording.

TikTok is finally bringing back its 10-minute video recording feature. This is something that many users have been complaining about for so long as they were previously allowed to make content of a much lesser duration.

But the change is definitely going to be accepted with open arms. There is no news as to why the company resorted for this alteration but we’ll keep you updated on that front when and if it arrives.

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