TikTok Tests New Ad Targeting Initiative ‘Privacy Go’ And Increases Caption Limit To 4K Characters

TikTok has been on the lookout for ways by which it could better shift its ad targeting initiative with the current changing data privacy rules taking center stage.

Therefore, to ensure it meets just that, the company is now testing a new offering that is called PrivacyGo. The latter is designed to assist advertisers in linking personal CRM data with the app’s audience. And as expected, it’s being done through more privacy-protective means.

This whole process is quite similar in function to that of a clean room and it collaborates with other groups that like to share information, as long as it's being done in a more protective space. Hence, this ensures that all the information may be used solely for targeting users for ads, and not worry about any party gaining access to anyone else’s data. So as you can imagine, in this case, the audience is more specific and no regulations get compromised.

A report published by Business Insider spoke about the app conducting tests through this PrivacyGo initiative and the goal is to ensure it’s more available for the masses in the future too.

As per recently published reports from TikTok, the process would ensure the use of MPC, combined with differential privacy technology. It would work at keeping data sets away from one another and making sure there’s zero access from any other specific group in question.

The company even went as far as to mention how the American Government makes use of a similar approach to gauge census data. They hope it can provide the right type of assurance on how the method used is safe and according to the standards of those involved.

As one can probably guess, this was much needed for a platform like TikTok which is more than ever likely to be scrutinized regarding how it makes use of data online.

The firm that is under the ownership of China is currently being investigated by the CFIUS. It has been accused of having links to the country’s government and that could serve as a major security threat for American citizens if their personal data is being shared for spying purposes by intelligence agencies.

Now that could still end up in the app being banned completely while so many other places are raising eyebrows on the matter in terms of how the app gathers data and kinds of information from the app that may be used for such purposes.

Hence, this is why many are looking at this new update as one that’s crucial for the app in particular, making sure it may still use sensitive insights to enhance the ad targeting process, without being a victim of the changing protection regulations.

Therefore, if things do go as planned, it just might serve as a great help for businesses to maximize advertising programs and that means better options for targeting users for ads. And if it reaches those that are most engaged on the platform, then what could be better than that?

We agree that a lot of things are now being scrutinized as we speak and the app would be required to give out more detailed explanations that reassure advertising partners of what’s taking place. But above all, we see the bigger benefits of reaching TikTok’s advertising options for targeting users.

In other news, we’re seeing the app launch another change including the expansion of character limits for posts. The limit has been increased to 4,000 characters for captions on TikTok, which first was changed from 300 to 2300 last year. Hence, users can now make more informative content through this means.

H/T: Matt Navarra

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