NordVPN: The VPN Royalty Reigns Supreme in 2023

If there's one thing that's skyrocketing faster than a superhero with a jetpack, it's the popularity of VPNs. These virtual guardians are riding the waves of conflicts, government restrictions, and a slew of annoying adverts, forcing people all around the world to change their online identities.

Consider a digital jungle with over 9,000 VPN applications from the App Store and Google Play trees. It's claimed that these applications made a whopping $20 million just last month, making their makers dance a digital victory jig - minus the deductions Apple and Google surreptitiously take.

And leading this technologically competent procession is none other than NordVPN, the VPN overlord. If you've ever walked down the digital lanes, you've undoubtedly come across an advertisement for this digital bodyguard. It's like the celebrity of VPNs, strutting its stuff all over the internet runway.

Guess what? NordVPN is not only the king; it is the king who has recently finished its finest financial quarter - a real MVP in the VPN universe!

Let us now board our virtual time machine and go back to 2018. Nord's mobile app, which was just four years old at the time, earned $950K in net revenue in the first quarter of that year. In 2019, the figures danced a joyful dance reaching $3.2 million. By 2021, that dance had evolved into a full-fledged fiesta, with income totaling $5.3 million.

But don't expect Nord to run this race alone. ExpressVPN, its arch-rival, is engaged in a similar game. ExpressVPN, which was launched about the same time, began its income ascent a little later. In the first quarter of 2021, their net revenue hit $3.4 million, as our estimates confirm.

Now, the drumroll, please – let's enter the stage of 2023.

Nord and ExpressVPN are both flexing their financial powers to new highs. ExpressVPN's revenue soared to a dazzling $9.5 million in Q1 before slowing somewhat in Q2. On the other hand, Nord had an even larger entry, earning $13.3 million in Q1 and surging to $14 million in Q2.

And guess what, people? Nord isn't just soaking in the rays; it's also making it rain in the advertising department. Nord's smarties are spending big bucks on Apple Search Ads (ASA). A brief glance at the globe indicates that this digital spectacular is glowing brightest in more than 20 nations, with the United Kingdom dominating the show. Surprisingly, the US isn't the silver medalist; it's Australia. The US? Well, it's slinking in at fifth place, right behind Japan.

Here's a great tip for you advertising gurus: While the US may be more competitive, Nord's clever tactic of spending wiser in nations where their service is in high demand is the icing on the cake of a well-executed campaign.

So, whether you're a world traveler or a digital nomad, Nord has the VPN crown and the ad campaign to match. It's like having your own personal bodyguard with amazing taste! So what are you waiting for? Get on it!

NordVPN, the King of VPNs, Soars in 2023

Data Via: AppFigures

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