Meta’s Threads Continues To Struggle With User Retention As Engagement Reaches New Low

Meta certainly had a lot of hopes attached to its Twitter rival platform called Threads. But by the looks of how things are shaping up now, it might be struggling big time.

The app certainly shocked the world after having the biggest start in history. But what we did not see coming is the platform was going to struggle with user retention.

The Twitter rival platform has reached a new low in terms of engagement and the number of people who have continued to stick to the app is just too low, signaling how most have opted to leave.

The news comes to us thanks to the recent statistics outlined by research company Similarweb and Sensor Tower. They put the greatest challenges on display for the world to notice and gauge where Meta’s Twitter rival stands.

The company may have failed at taking advantage of the massive start it had initially as recent data proves that it’s not shaping out too well in terms of performance and engagement. It also proves how Meta failed at exploiting the great chaos surrounding Twitter when new management took charge, which people did not love.

Hence, it seems like all of the rumors related to the downfall of Twitter were not true after all. In fact, it seems like Meta should be the one worried here.

The stats counted and published for Threads prove how the figure for users has gone down by 82%, since the start of its rollout. Today, only 8 million people use the app on a daily basis. And it’s one of the lowest stats revealed since we saw the release take center stage, after reaching a high of 44 million.

Meanwhile, users are opening the platform much lesser than before and also not spending too much of their time. When you compare that to the launch day, it’s a huge difference. At that time, you had people opening the platform nearly 14 times in one day. And they would be spending 19 minutes just going through the feed, the data proved.

As time went on, and we got closer to the end of the month, the stats showed a completely different picture altogether.

At the start of this month, the figure for the average time that users were spending was near to 3 minutes each day and sessions were counted to be just 2.6.

These findings matched the data collected by both Sensor Tower as well as SimilarWeb. And the biggest decline seemed to be during the initial two weeks, right after the platform got launched. But it’s sad to see how this negative trend keeps on taking place, until today.

As per stats unveiled by Sensor Tower, the figure for daily active users continued to fall by 1% each day. And as far as the firm’s earnings call was concerned that was published last month, the company’s CEO mentioned how this behavior pattern was normal and not something he or anyone should be worried about.

Similarly, he delineated more about being super optimistic and how this was just the start of many great things to come, after the fiery start. But by the way, things are now taking center stage, Zuckerberg seems like he could have bitten off more than he could have chewed.

Until and unless Meta does not come up with a solid strategy that has its users returning and others engaging more, we could see how this might lead to the app’s own downfall after such a breakthrough and successful beginning.

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