Meta’s Threads App Refuses To Give Up As It Incorporates More Features To Attract Users

While many of us may have assumed that Meta’s Threads app may not be able to recover from the constant decline in engagement and interest from users, the platform refuses to give up.

The sheer level of optimism must be applauded by the app’s management who are still in the process of launching better features. That could potentially help in getting back the interest and revenue that we once saw at the start of the explosive launch.

The app jumped to 100 million members in a shocking time frame of less than 7 days. This was right after the launch, where a record-breaking growth continued to take place, touching to 128 million users. But since then, the figures kept on stalling and before we knew it, people were no longer interested in using the app as they failed to see anything that sparked their interest.

There was a constant call to have better features to enhance functionalities and while the app’s head Adam Mosseri vowed to work on everything that fans wanted, not a lot of progress was made in that regard, and if it was, the pace was not to the liking of users.

But now, things are changing as Threads is rolling out more elements to capitalize on the early interest of its members. Remember, people chose Threads because it gave them a simplified way to make accounts and retain their followers from Instagram.

Today, the newest stats regarding usage claim that only 10 million people are active on the platform on a daily basis. This is a major stumble from the 49 million that we saw last month. So things are going downhill for sure. Immediate measures were required to make a difference and save the app from further downfall.

At first, people saw Threads as the latest rival to take down Elon Musk’s X app but today, when you compare the stats, you can see how X is functioning with close to 250 million users that remain active on a daily basis. And each session comprises of close to 25 minutes.
If you think the dream was over for Threads, it’s not the case. The worry and concern is there as engagement is in decline. But Threads has undergone its web version launch and that was a huge decision to better engagement. It still needs work but things look promising.

Next, the app is looking for better ways to market Threads so more people join the team by creating accounts. Meta’s executives want people to have a greater sense of awareness and such efforts would try to get more users to download and glance over why it’s such a platform that needs to be a part of your daily routine.

Meta has a massive audience when it comes down to its other tools and we can see how its plans to get more people to install the app can assist in making them look in this direction. But at the same time, it’s risky because if the platform fails to provide a great experience and ensure people engage on it, every step of the way, then there’s no point in working so hard.

Threads just require that likeability factor, something that compels users to head in that direction.

The low figures for usage make things seem like things are still at square one but do not be deceived because the time taken for algorithms to grow isn’t much. Hence, fingers are crossed from Meta’s side for a successful future.

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