Meta Launches Handy Marketing Tool That Can Track Branded Content Campaigns Inside Its Ads Library

Tech giant Meta is rolling out another useful endeavor for its marketing community.

The company just launched a handy rollout that’s designed to track all kinds of branded campaigns across its Ads Library. Therefore, it would help in producing greater insights in terms of how competitors behave after collaborating with the influencer community as well as creators through its apps.

This new feature is going to be up for grabs through Meta’s Ads Library and that would provide access to respective search tools and help them find campaigns that utilize the firm’s Branded Content labels.

All you have to do is add details about apps you’re willing to look for, an estimated timeline comprising no more than a week, and search for a user by considering the right username.

There are definitely going to be a few limitations attached as not everything does end up being shown on the library’s list. And that might be linked to getting launched recently and the system not being updated as the latest ones don’t usually show up.

Thanks to Lindsey Gamble who is a leading expert in social media, we were given more insight through picture examples of how campaigns appeal and it’s going to be shown on an Ads Library.

An overview of any influencer’s campaign is provided and the user can also opt to see their real content, which adds greater insights about creators working in connection with other leading businesses.

Another very helpful feature of this endeavor is linked to carrying out searches through brands and witnessing influencer campaigns that are currently in existence by a brand.

We feel such measures are wonderful in terms of attaining greater insights about partnerships and the lineup of creators that work with each brand. Similarly, it’s great to see what a certain campaign includes and the frequency of running these types of partnerships.

This new addition is going to be included as a part of Meta’s new obligations arising from the EU region. These would come into play in no time and need social media apps to offer greater transparency when conducting paid campaigns for marketing purposes. This would be used to offer greater protection for consumers.

Meta really needs to work hard and include greater insights for ads regarding its user community in the EU region and that’s why we can see how this can benefit that aspect. But even for those located globally, it’s set to be of great use as the rollout is taking place all around the globe.

We can definitely see this being a worthwhile approach. And turns out to be the best resource that sparks users’ thinking regarding how paid campaigns take place and how effective collaborations can be so they avail themselves of great opportunities in the future.

For more details on this front, feel free to go to the company’s Ads Library. There will be a separate section with the tab called Branded Content Search.

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