iOS 17 All Set To Launch Next Month With This Notable Feature That Could Take Users Some Time To Get Used To

The news is out and all the reports have been leaked about Apple’s latest iOS 15 all set to launch as early as next month.

We know the leading iPhone maker has been known for making some great changes to its designs every year. But what you might not be aware of is the fact that the latest release will soon attain a subtle but notable feature that some users could take a while to get used to.

Yes, iOS 17 will include a button shift as noted by several media outlets and users today. The latest beta is actually moving the famous end-call button feature, that’s usually positioned toward the bottom third on most screens. Now, it’s going to be shifted toward the bottom right-hand side.

Yes, this change might seem tiny to some but it’s a change that not a lot of iPhone users are accustomed to, especially when you’re in the habit of following a trend that’s been in the works for decades. Did we mention how some are already calling it a tad bit annoying to begin with?

But what’s even more awkward is that the center point would now be housing a feature that would convert phone calls into FaceTime calls. Hence, there would be a chance to make that error as well and people aren’t loving the sound of it.

Right now, the tech giant’s latest mobile OS happens to be in the experimental stage. And if you happen to be one of those early adopters that adores having extra iPhones laying by their side for testing purposes of software and whatnot, then pay attention to how you can sign up now.

The rest can wait till we attain the final version for more launches in the future, which is probably by the middle of next month.

As a whole, the iOS 17 is not expected to have any major developments, as far as the core features of the device are concerned. But the company did opt to include some polishing and worthwhile endeavors that were once there already.

This entails voicemail dictation as well as a message display on the device’s screen. It would make it so much simpler to see if you’d like to actually take a phone call or decline it for another time.

The latest version of the iOS operations system is also giving users the chance to customize what’s on display for other users of the device to see, whenever they make calls. For instance, you may attain Memoji on users’ screens or have an image of yourself that you love seeing pop up. Similarly, you can make use of your own personal images to produce Live Stickers too.

Last but not least, you’ll also be saying hello to a new and useful Check-In feature that would alert all of your respective pals and loved ones, after you reach your desired destination such as your home.

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