Google Gears Up To Launch Emergency SOS Via Satellite In Its Messages App For Android Devices

Google appears to be following in the footsteps of iPhone maker Apple with the launch of a new Emergency SOS feature that would be available through Satellite technology.

This innovative and extremely useful endeavor is designed to help users establish emergency contact whenever there isn’t any form of cellular connectivity available. Hence, this was a feature that was in demand and now finally seeing its rollout in Android is definitely getting appreciation.

The news was first spotted by top X user Neil Rahmouni and more details on this front were unveiled by others. New pictures show how Google Messages would be equipped with this emergency feature that’s being made available via satellite technology.

The company is already done with the process of including user interface features that are needed to start the process for emergency SOS texts through the Messages app.

Meanwhile, experts are not too surprised to see Google including SOS activity for Android as the firm already mentioned in the past how it was adding satellite support for its latest Android 14 variant. In addition to that, we all are well aware of how the Messages app is set as the standard platform on so many kinds of Android phones. Therefore, this kind of support was necessary before a new messaging app would be required to provide assistance for satellite connection.

The very useful feature is set to assist all those with Android devices. Moreover, we are already seeing how Apple’s SOS feature via satellite is already super useful for those with Android devices.

It’s an absolute lifesaver and this past month, we were informed about how one family had been rescued from the devastating wildfires in Hawaai’s Maui region, all thanks to the device’s Emergency SOS contact offering through satellite.

For now, there is no information regarding when we can see such emergency features launching on Android phones. Moreover, while the rollout is designed for Android 14, it might not be up for grabs for every phone. And that’s related to the fact that such endeavors need modern hardware.

At this moment in time, we’ve got tech giant Huawei and iPhone maker Apple being the only two firms that make the most of satellite connection through mobile phones. Moreover, Huawei even cinched ahead of Apple by rolling out the endeavor one week before across its Mate 50 and Mate 50 Plus devices.

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