Google Docs All Set To Get New Paid Proofread Feature That’s Powered By AI Technology

Google Docs is all set to get an advanced proofreading feature that would be powered by AI technology.

The news comes at a time when we’re seeing the firm release more news about how its Chat and Meet apps would also be getting some great innovation. These were unveiled at the recently held Cloud Next conference.

But the latest endeavor called Proofread has been created to really be the latest replacement for the commonly used spellcheck and grammar check features that help writers in their documents.

The tech giant Google says we can see the launch of this product as the newest generation in terms of giving writers suggestions for improving their work.

But wait, that’s not all. The company mentioned how this new suggestion will also roll out suggestions to the users about how to make the document more concise and to the point. Similarly, they’ll generate recommendations linked to making the writing very clear for readers to witness.

Furthermore, suggestions linked to ensuring words are more formal in tone or express a sense of dynamic behavior would also be unveiled as would be recommendations linked to breaking up hard sentences into shorter ones so that the writing is simpler to comprehend.

What’s interesting is how the usual A and tick icons found on the toolbars would be used as would the blue dot that’s located on the left. When you press on it, you’ll be seeing side panels where suggestions will be reviewed and then the user can reject it or accept it as per their preference.

And that’s not all as users can browse through the recommendations via category.

We can see how users are going to appreciate Google’s decision to really take its Docs to another level with this rollout as it assists them in producing some of the most engaging content out there today.

The feature can be switched off by going to the Tools Menu and pressing on the Proofread tab.

We can also see this enhancing conciseness while making documents so much easier to comprehend than before. Moreover, it’s not intrusive and will not be seen as something that clutters documents as the user is provided with some great knowledge regarding it, alongside suggestions seen on the sidebar.

If they feel it’s appropriate, they can accept it and if not, then they can reject it. Right now, the feature is a venture of Google Workspace’s Duet AI program and it’s going to be launched now to all users on Google Docs.

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