Google Confirms Its Android Runtime Updates Increased Startup Times For Apps By 30%

There’s nothing more annoying for a user than witnessing the long waiting times required for apps to start up. But as per Google’s latest announcement, the stats prove how apps are now starting 30% faster than before, thanks to the latest ART update.

For those who might not be aware, the Android Runtime update has been responsible for ensuring the smooth flow of apps across OS and that’s been undergoing upgrades since the launch of Android 12. But today, the company revealed how the latest news on this front has to do with better startup speeds than before. And as you can imagine, it’s getting welcomed with open arms.

ART happens to be the force behind a lot of the system operations of Android. It not only gives rise to core APIs but also puts out accurate runtimes that most of the apps place heavy reliance upon. Moreover, we’re seeing Java and Kotlin compiled through ART as well.

Such updates cause a faster startup time for apps across the board. And this paired with better execution speeds and enhanced memory, not to mention the best bytecode compilation is definitely worth praise.

The newest update is ART 13 and we saw both runtimes and compiler optimizations get major improvements for startup times of nearly 30% for some devices. And behind the scenes, it happens to be the same for all.

This complex design of software and the whole testing process involved for ART updates features close to 18 million APKs. And this combined with compatibility tests and the right startups for Android cause the ecosystem to be replicated in the most similar manner. And that comes with a slower speed for launches.

In the next few months, ART 14 is getting launched and that would entail new compilers with the best runtime optimizations. This enhances performance and lowers code size. Now, Android 14 has been refactored in a manner that allows it to lie between Package Manager. The latter is the name reserved for a service that would determine how to enable downloads and updates as well as ART.

This shifts OS boundaries through ART commands toward another interface which is more defined and allows for more optimizations to occur. And that means saying hello to finer control across compilation.

All ART updates done through Google Play can be found across Android 12 and any more latest versions. The tech giant added today how such updates would be up for grabs across Android Go soon.

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