Global Shipments And Demand Of PCs Witness New Low But Predictions Are Brighter For 2024

We’re seeing a worldwide decline in shipments for PCs, accompanied by a further fall in the demand too. And that’s after the same industry saw a mega boom during the 2020 to 2021 period where so many individuals had no choice but to work remotely.

As expected, the pandemic brought on huge sales for PCs and more people were keen on purchasing the newest systems out there as they developed a home office.

But it seems like the worldwide demand for computers isn’t going to be increasing any time soon this year, at least. This was confirmed by the IDC who launched a new report that detailed more forecasts related to a YoY fall of 13.7%. And that went down further to just 252 million units.

The stats were in line with initial reports that spoke about estimates seeing a drop of somewhere near 4% this year.

The report further delineated how the demand continues to see a fall as the global economic downturn continues. Remember, we’re also seeing how the demand gets affected by the likes of other devices in the industry. This entails consoles and phones. So it wouldn’t be wrong to dub this year as the year of the greatest decline in shipments for PCs, as proven by the IDC report.

In addition to that, we’re seeing more talk about how there’s a very keen shift taking place in the PC market. Today, the AMD holds a whopping 11% of the overall market share. On the other hand, the leading iPhone maker stands at just 5%. When you combine this with the likes of AI technology, we can see why many people who are in charge of making IT decisions are concerned about how one can prioritize budgets or where exactly to apply the trend.

It’s hard to have any kind of chat or imagine any sort of scenario where AI isn’t involved and how one can invest in this field to get the best returns. Today, commercial computers will continue to be of great interest, no matter how much time passes on. Let’s not forget how technology is advancing at a faster pace than before so that would be considered too when decisions are made.

Let’s not forget how the news arises at a time when support comes to an end for Windows 10. And that would result in a more refreshed approach, no matter if the firm is waiting for PC shipments or not.

We can also see how tech giant Apple is seeing a great chance to carry on growth regarding its commercial aspects. So we are going to watch this aspect in more detail in the future.

Clearly, the year 2023 is definitely disappointing in terms of PCs. However, we do see some form of optimism and hope for the upcoming year, which is 2024.

Grows are expected to rise and obviously not to such an extent as that seen in 2020 but it’s going to be better than what is being witnessed now.

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