Ex-Google Brain Researchers Launch New Generative AI Image Generator Called Ideogram

A new and much talked about AI image generator has arrived in the market called Ideogram.

The new venture comes forward thanks to ex-Google Brain researchers who rolled out the program through a mega $16.5 million funding.

Moreover, a lot of people were seen speaking about how we’ve already got plenty in the business to choose from. So was there really a need or demand for this. See, you’ve got Midjourney, Dall-E2 from OpenAI, and also Stable Diffusion from Stability AI.

However, experts claim that this new project has one important selling point worth mentioning. Other similar image generators using AI technology had issues with producing reliable text inside a picture. And that entailed lettering across signs as well as those found on so many company logos.

The firm says it's offering a large figure of images that are preset in styles found through the web version of the app on the website. And one example comes with the Typography label. This paves the way for lettering to take place via various hues, text sizes, styles, fonts, and more. Meanwhile, others would entail painting, illustrations, art, and even elements of cinema amongst others.

Users can choose from several different kinds of styles at any given point in time and even select to have them all applied. This project is up for grabs through signups and the Discord server as well as the web application with plenty of examples of how users can produce pictures featuring lettering. And we do agree that the results are certainly promising when you put it side by side with other options in the industry.

Still, many feel the image generator is lacking in terms of some more features that can be found on rival products including outpainting and zooming out. Moreover, these results aren’t as consistent as other tests conducted. It similarly had some trouble holding on to its own name and struggled in terms of producing more words that are used commonly.

The firm has taken up this new launch as a means of highlighting the rollout through posts seen on the X platform and that also displayed the firm’s mission statement. The goal is to be super creative and make the most of the advanced tools.

As one can probably expect, several investors are a part of this project. This entails the likes of Golden Ventures, Fish Ventures, Tom Preston, Ryan Dahl, and more. The startup is based in the city of Toronto and it’s already getting a great response from leading AI experts of the industry as well including former Google employee Margaret Mitchell.

We do feel it’s actually too early to speak on this subject right now. But whatever the case may be, the launch of such a promising typographic generator is great and would certainly be of valuable interest to so many graphic design experts or others who must rely on them to produce pictures featuring the most attractive text that’s embedded into it.

Image: Ideogram AI / X

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