China Advises Strict New Internet Access Time Limits For Children Using Mobile Devices

China is really going one step ahead in terms of making sure its children are safe from excess mobile internet consumption.

The country’s top government officials have proposed a new plan to ensure those below the age of 18 don’t use too much screen time on their smartphone devices. But that’s not all.

More reports are speaking about how the country feels that the average time such users should spend should lie between the 40-minute to two-hour window period. But it all depends on the child’s age, sources further went on to add.

This limit would be for all smart devices and not only phones, the officials highlighted that entails tablets and even smartwatches too, other than the usual mobile phone. The goal is to prevent any operating system that can install the usual apps and those which are used by many people for a list of differnet purposes.

While the matter is still under discussion at this period of time, kids below the age of 8 would be getting access to the web for just 40 minutes. Meanwhile, those falling in the 8 to 15-year age bracket would get one hour of access, and those between 16 to 17 would get limited to only two hours. Meanwhile, every half an hour, rest reminders would be sent out and they’d serve as a warning to remind them how close they are to exceeding the limit set out for them.

Above all, internet access is going to be restricted and such devices would be prevented between the 10pm to 6am slot each day. There are more guidelines for the type of content on display and how they serve as recommendations for kids within these age brackets.

There happens to be some serious content exceptions in these situations that have to do with the limits being outlined. They would include approvals for things linked to the educational field and goods that market mental health and wellness. Other than that, emergency services and anything that’s designed for user safety would be a part of this.

For those still trying to figure out what really does happen if and when the limit is crossed, well, the rules claim that the device’s apps would be shut down through automated means and only those needed for necessary services would be open.

But experts claim that such restrictions wouldn’t be easy to enforce. However, those in China need people to register through their names to get internet access. Hence, it’s going to be so much simpler for the authorities to keep track of who is using what and for how many hours each day and on how many devices too.

Authorities in the country claim to be slowly putting out these limits related to access to children’s online services and especially on those linked to entertainment themes.

A few years ago, we saw access to online games get limited so that kids’ eyesight would be spared. A few years later, a ban was implemented on online games between Monday to Thursday. And then in the previous year, kids were similarly banned from seeing live streams that started after the 10 pm time slot.

We can see how and why the government is getting more active in this regard as they really want people to understand that kids in their growing phase don’t need to get exposed to social media. Their learning is from the classroom and social media shouldn’t be promoted for obvious reasons.

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