Can AI Replace YouTube's Thumbnail Artists? The Answer Has Some Designers Worried About The Future

You’ll be amazed at how much some leading creators are willing to pay for a single thumbnail for their YouTube videos.

We’re talking tens of thousands of dollars and the perfect example happens to be the world’s biggest YouTuber Mr. Beast who will hire a thumbnail artist for a whopping price tag of $10k for one thumbnail.

The reason why is awfully simple. Thumbnails can make or break your video’s chances of success and if the former takes place, there would be nothing better. But if the latter occurs, it’s a complete waste of resources, time, and effort.

Creators spend a long time trying to decipher which thumbnail would best suit their content’s theme and that’s why a new debate has arisen regarding the rise of AI technology replacing thumbnail artists.

It’s an industry where people have spent millions and it’s also one that artists rely on to attain their bread and butter but with the launch of this breakthrough technology making it simpler for users to do the simplest of tasks for the cheapest of prices, it’s ringing alarm bells for jobs of all kinds for obvious reasons.

The whole discussion arose more this year when a top AI-based researcher from the US rolled out a new app called CTRHero that was all set to use AI to produce thumbnails. He claimed the technology would wipe out artists soon as it received training on millions of thumbnails that achieved breakthrough success over the years.

Within minutes, you’d see a reproduction of a whole new kind. And that too, was a product that was 99% accurate and compliant with the user’s input and commands. But it certainly did not make artists happy who felt robbed of their hard work.

How would they carry on making a living? So much was at stake and Ahuja even got a long list of threats from those who felt the behavior was unjustified and not fair by any means.

People were facing pushback and it was not surprising at all. Soon, one entrepreneur from India purchased the app and relaunched it as AlphaCTR. And he also sent a stark warning that no matter what, the software was out to take over the YouTube industry as right now, it has attained close to 30K signups already. But experts feel it’s just too early to say anything or predict anything.

Whenever something of this nature is launched, it enters the experimentation phase and while the hopes are very high at the start, nothing really can be predicted to a massive extent.

But remember that the whole thumbnail industry is a huge deal for YouTubers as they can lead the content to success or failure. Some creators go as far as testing one video with a range of 20 different thumbnails.

This caused the freelance industry comprising of YouTube Thumbnail artists to reach new heights. They owe a lot of the design skills to go on and attract more clicks and that’s a major determinant of success.

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