Apple’s Research Work Worth Billions Has Been Boosted By Generative AI, CEO Tim Cook Confirms

While leading iPhone maker Apple might be hush about using ChatGPT, new reports are going on to speak about how the company’s own expensive research work is partly fueled by the likes of Generative AI.

We’re talking research projects that come at approximately $22 billion and that’s quite a hefty spend, if you ask experts. But who knew that all this time, it was Generative AI that is partly supplying the organization with the chance of making it happen?

As confirmed by Tim Cook during a recent interview, the company is really spending a lot on research and its necessary developments. So far, the company has been quite a hush about using AI in many of its departments, which is the exact opposite of its competitors including Microsoft and Google.

Now, seeing that perhaps it was AI all along that is making Apple research more has people talking for obvious reasons. The figure for research was nearly $3 billion greater than the figure seen last year.

And Cook confirmed just now how a chunk of that spending is getting allocated to AI specifically, as revealed in the third quarter earnings call of this year.

Speaking to Reuters, the CEO of Apple says they’ve been doing quite a bit of research regarding the AI domain for years but more interest appears to be related to the Generative AI sector.

Apple’s earnings for Q3 witnessed a major fall in revenue and associated sales. This was a shocker for some experts as the drop came in the iPhone sector as well. Meanwhile, shares for the Cupertino firm went down by 2% in premarket trading, as confirmed by Insider Data today.

As it is, the company has opted to remain hush on the news and it’s a major contrast to how others in the tech world continue to behave in this arms race while bringing more goods to the market.

Apple continues to make slow but steady progress and then in the month of June, we saw the firm fail at producing references in Generative AI during this WWDC keynote. This topic wasn’t witnessed as popping up on the firm’s earnings call till a top analyst dug down deep to see what the iPhone maker’s strategy was and which types of investments it would be embarking upon.

Tim Cook added how important Generative AI technology was for Apple and they were not going to let the benefits go to waste. Insiders have already delineated how the firm is raising its production for AI goods and services. They’re working hard to roll out some great tools and another possibility could be a huge AI-based language model, which some people are calling Apple GPT already.

So as you can tell, there’s a lot at stake and we’re not quite sure when the rollouts will happen. But at the speed at which research is taking place in the AI domain, it surely wouldn’t be long.

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