AI Will Disrupt Most Industries In The Near Future, Databricks CEO Boldly Confirms

For a while now, we’ve heard so much about how the world of AI will bring about change that most sectors aren’t prepared for. But the CEO for Databricks Ali Ghodsi has plenty to say on this subject.

Databricks is a leading AI firm that runs operations through data generated through cloud technology. And Ghodsi’s recently held sit-down interview has plenty of insightful pointers that we’ve brought forward for our users below.

We were once worried in the past that software might consume the world. And that was not a far-fetched theory because we do find software in every nook and corner as we speak.

From electric vehicles on the road to the fanciest computers and smartphones out there too, even your thermostat is created as a software variant. Moreover, all things being done are digitized and it’s running through software.

Every sector of the industry would soon be seeing software flourish. And they won’t be able to function without them. Even those that you couldn’t even imagine, retail and health sectors are also run by software.

But soon after that theory died down, another one took center stage. This time around, it was the viewpoint of Databrinks who claimed AI would be taking over the world as it would consume all software out there today. The logic was linked to the fact that AI is smarter than software and that is why it would rule the world.

Now the question is have you ever sat down and wondered why exactly AI works so well? When the data gets processed, and you put it inside AI, you make software super intelligent. This is one of the leading reasons why Databricks is a software and AI firm. And Generative AI has the tendency to disrupt software firms in existence today.

The models alter the way humans interact alongside machines and how the latter communicate with humans. Remember, each firm has the challenging task to figure out how it would put forward generative AI in software so that it’s smarter while interacting with humans. And that’s what Databricks does. They work to ensure firms can create AI protocols and process various types of company data.

Just several firms leveraged AI in an effective manner, a long time back. But several firms were involved and just a limited number of companies with certain use cases were taken into consideration like advertising sales and the Facebook app. Databricks feels every industry has winners and now, only those dealing with AI would be at the forefront.

Let’s not forget how Uber ended up causing a major shift in the cab industry that makes use of data alongside AI. The cab puts out estimated arrival times and predicted prices for trips that use AI technology.

Most people would take things like this for granted. But close to 15 years back, you wouldn’t be able to see the price or arrival times for a ride, before it arrived. Hence, people would just sit there and wait. In some situations, you wouldn’t even have the car arrive at all.

But as per this CEO’s main words, AI is the future and it will cause a stir-up very soon. We’re talking about the next five to ten years and they’re all going to have data as well as AI running in the back of all their systems.

And if you happen to be very illiterate in terms of both data and AI, you just might not have the right credentials that fit a particular job. Hence, that can have an issue.

Photo: David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images

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