Admins, Rejoice! WhatsApp's Latest Update Lets You Rule Group Chats

Hey there, digital globetrotters! WhatsApp is back in action with its newest magic trick, offering a slick new feature in its Android beta update, version, which has just been released from the Google Play Beta Program. What's the big deal, you ask? Hold on to your digital hats because we will reveal WhatsApp's magic wand!

Do you also get annoyed with the “Update your WhatsApp” message when a new update is launched? If yes, then maybe it would be less annoying this time. Because the feature that has been introduced by the app is amazing. Enough suspense, right? Let’s get straight to the point.

Please, drumroll... The "Admin Review" function for group conversations is now available! Consider this: You're the group admin, commanding your talkative squad like a genuine digital ringmaster, and you're suddenly unable to manage the messages. Not to worry, WhatsApp has you covered with this game-changing technique.

Remember what we said before regarding the "send for admin review" feature? Well, it wasn't just a rumor, folks. It's real, and it's here! We hinted about this handy function in the last WhatsApp beta for Android release (version But hold onto your emojis because, with the latest update, WhatsApp is rolling out this feature to a lucky bunch of beta testers!

The magic happens in the group settings panel, where group administrators have a new trick up their sleeves. Select "send for admin review", and you're done! Every participant in the group chat may now report messages to the group moderators.

But wait, there's more! When a message gets reported, the group admin transforms into a digital superhero, swooping in to decide its fate. Delete the message for everyone or act following the message's vibrations - the choice is yours. Say goodbye to disruptive messages in your digital playground!

This feature transforms group administrators into the ultimate digital guardians. You can trust that the group is in excellent hands even while you're on digital excursions. Messages that require attention will be collected in a new area of the group details screen. With a few taps, everyone in the conversation may easily message the admin for evaluation.

But hold onto your emojis once again – here's the kicker. This admin review option isn't just a myth; it's genuine and ready to use! That is, for certain lucky beta testers. You could have this trick up your sleeve if you've downloaded the newest WhatsApp beta for Android update from the Google Play Store. What's more, guess what? It doesn't end there! WhatsApp is dusting its digital fairy dust and will spread the functionality to an increasing number of people in the coming days.

So there you have it - WhatsApp's next act of wizardry, allowing group managers to control their digital kingdoms from afar. Your group discussions will be as fluid as a finely planned dance performance with admin review on your side! Get ready to wave your digital wands and experience this enchanting new feature.

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