YouTube Will Soon Launch A New Lock Screen Feature For Premium Users

The worst thing you can do while scrolling a social media app is an accidental tap on something that wasn’t meant to be done.

Therefore, it’s no wonder why the popular video-sharing platform YouTube is testing out a new and exciting Lockscreen feature that’s designed to prevent such incidents from taking place while watching video content on the app.

The company says the new and exciting feature is created to stop accidental taps from taking users away but the sad part is that it’s only going to be up for grabs to those paying subscribers of the platform. But who knows, we might see an expansion to the rest soon too.

The expected date of launch is the end of this month and it would be available for both iOS and Android users, the firm added.

As you can tell by the name, the feature is self-explanatory and ends up disabling touch inputs when you happen to be watching content online. In this manner, your content won’t pause, stop, or even get disrupted, YouTube adds.

The report was first published by media outlet Cord Cutters News today and it was quick to reveal how the endeavor is only going to be launched through invite-only for those having Premium subscriptions.

The post would be in the link that can be found in the invite notifications that say, ‘try new features’ and would pop up at the top of the home page. In case you do not see it, simply press on your profile image and select benefits for premium users. Next, you’ll see the tab for features and you can then press on Lock Screen and press on Try it out.

To make use of such features, you can press on the icon for gear while you’re playing games in full-screen mode. And then press on Lock Screen. For now, the app appears to be putting out a trial that’s free of cost for one month. So if you’d like to give it a go, then please do avail this golden opportunity.

Moreover, you’ll also be able to add your own feedback to the app, depending on what your overall experience regarding the feature was like. And for those who want a reference of a similar feature, do check out Netflix where users can simply press on Lock Option that’s located at the video player’s bottom. The latter simply disable all inputs made on the screen, giving you a disturbance-free video viewing experience.

Other than that, the company says it is also carrying out some more trials for other exciting features. These include a new pop-up that would arise right in front of the user in question. But for that, you would be required to have the adblocker feature enabled to see it.

YouTube is really hailed by so many creators for being a great platform to earn funds and the company is working harder on the monetization front, it added. Similarly, other changes that can be expected include updates made to the company’s impersonation policy. The latter now makes it mandatory for all fan accounts on the platform to prevent copying real accounts owned by popular content creators.

They need to make it more obvious now that they’re not someone that they pretend themselves to be to avoid confusion as such accounts would be terminated immediately.

For a while now, the platform has been receiving plenty of complaints from top creators about fan pages that try to gain fame at the cost of others.

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