YouTube Rolls Out New Exciting Changes For Users And Here’s What To Expect

YouTube is one leading video search engine that adores experimenting with new features to keep both users and creators happy.

And today seems to be no exception as the popular social media platform has opted to roll out a series of exciting features that are sure to bring a smile across many people’s faces.

For starters, the popular app is giving users a chance to explore topics and recommendations in the comments section. In the past, if any user expressed the desire to explore more about something they saw in the video, they would need to take a step back, pause the content they were viewing, and search for it. But now, that’s not the case.

It’s all thanks to YouTube hyperlinking keywords that users would commonly use in their searches. So now, there’s no need to navigate away from your video as clicking the link opens up a new search page featuring that very same product. How’s that for an added element of convenience?

YouTube will add the links based on keywords it feels would be popular but creators of the video can always make changes if and when they’d like in the form of additions and deletions. Hence, the app is only experimenting with this right now and wants users to give out their feedback on what they think.

Next up, YouTube is launching a top request that many users have been wanting for a while now. We’re talking about creator posts being visible on Tablets. Both iOS and Android creators could always make posts on their devices but it was never visible to their viewers.

But that’s changing after today as the feature goes live for both Android and iOS tablet users who can view posts on both the web, smartphones, and also their tablets, allowing creators to reach more of their target audience with ease.

Thirdly, YouTube has launched another feature for creators that shows metrics of how many of their viewers set up reminders for a live stream or Premiere that they happened to have launched.

All viewers have the option to put up any reminder for an event like this by going to the Settings section and clicking on the Notify Me button. But creators never knew how many of those were set. But from today onwards, that’s changing.

Creators can find the new feature as a part of their YouTube Analytics starting today for more valuable insights.

Similarly, the app is rolling out channel memberships for users of the app. All creators that fulfill the eligibility criteria can now hold such memberships of their channels and other similarly designed funding schemes through their Studio Mobile.

In case you’re wondering, in the past, this was only set up for Studio Desktop but seeing it expand to Studio Mobile is certainly going to make things so much more simpler.

Lastly, the app is rolling out a final reminder for its new YouTube Partner Program. In case you are yet to do it and happen to be a member, you’ve got a few days as the July 10, 2023 deadline is fast approaching.

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